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The value of MEAT BALL dog treats & CRINKLES – HIGH MEAT !

ROO MEAT ball dog treats in 500g sizes!

I was recently looking for what the internet considers new dog treat products and of course the internet doesn’t know the difference between new and what a page says is new. it also often associates products full of grain and vegetables as new healthy treats. Consider the grain that most dogs already chug down the internet has a lot to answer for.

While we would love to see new meat varieties such as feral animals used in the dog food industry  – licenses and processing of these seem to make their cost prohibitive in Australia.  The more variety of meat your dog can sample from a young age, then throughout their life, the more likely their immunity will be boosted by eating genuinely natural (ie prey orientated) diets.

Why dog meatballs and Crinkles are dog treat winners

The meatball range and Crinkle range we have sold has often been overlooked because they look like dog food or some kind of treat you could buy in the supermarket. And chances are that they were made that way on purpose to get consumer acceptance.  Balls are also exceptionally easy to shape! BUT our products are very different.

The problem for us with that is that supermarket dog treat balls are often as low in meat as dog food (because most consumers don’t know any better, and it’s about convenience). So you may as well continue feeding your dog, ‘dog food’ as dog treats – how boring is that for your dog?

Our meatballs and crinkles are 45% meat (IN 2021), HIGHER than the amount you get in most regular dog food.

We have made two main innovations to help you through your decision to switch brands. Even at three times the amount of meat, our meatball range was similar prices to that found in other brands, but people like what they are used to. To make the choice easier we have gone upstream to our source origin and now sell the kilo bags $6 less per kilo and just about the cheapest you will find ANYWHERE.

The other thing we have done is that we realized that not everyone wants to pay big money for small bags or buy the big volume kg bags for savings.  So we have stripped the prices on all the small bags  AND  made a 500g bargain size (still more economical per gram than the small bag sizes).

Now there is no excuse not to sample our beef, chicken or roo ranges, and then no reason not to buy bulk or semi bulk at ridiculously good prices. PS if you buy our bulk bags, you will find that we are typically TEN DOLLARS less per kg than our major competitors.  That’s because we no longer have middle men in the supply chain taking money out of your pocket.

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