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The Melbourne DogLOVERS Show Wrap up, Healthy Dog Treats.

Healthy Dog Treats Management

Healthy Dog Treats Management If you have been following us on Facebook, you will already know that we probably put more dog lover show videos on Facebook than any other company present.

We were in booth #508 at the show (upstairs near the cafe) but unfortunately I think not everyone made it upstairs so we didn’t have a chance to get all of our healthy dogs treats messages out there.

The things we were looking at letting Melbourne customers know:

1              We sell the healthiest and cheapest dog treats in Melbourne/ Australia

2              If you live in Melbourne you also get the extremely great value postage of $4.95 for up to 3 Kg of dog treats.

3              We have now extended our fish dog treat range, so now the very healthy 100% TUNA JERKY is added to our fish range of Shark fillet, shark cartilage, and Hake fish.

Katrina Warren in the dog ring Melbourne DOGLOVERS SHOW Positive message from the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show

We were very happy to see so many great rescue organisation exhibiting upstairs at the show and many of them were able to find homes for almost ALL of their rescue dogs!

We noticed that there was a high internist in our Promotion, and we look forward to welcoming the many people who signed up to enjoy healthy dog treats as a regular part of their dog’s diet.

While dog food corporations will try and tell you that meat is a minor part of a dogs diet, we at Healthy Dog treats know that dogs are essentially carnivores that need anywhere between 80 to 100% meat in their diet (and other parts of the animal such as organs and bones).

This means you can safely give ANY dog (that does not have a protein problem) up to ONE QUARTER of its food as pure meat, without any need to add vitamin or mineral supplements (as per the Aafco TABLES).

Some people with small dogs told us that their dogs were fussy eaters, or had gotten sick from eating this meat or that. it is true that dogs can be allergic to some forms of meat (just as they can to grain) but it is almost impossible for a dog to be allergic to all forms of meat (in popular terms, we call that kind of dog a rabbit).

And that is precisely why we sell almost every product in our shop in a small packet so you can try a dog treat before you buy in bulk and make bulk savings.

If you have any healthy dog treat or general dog diet questions, please let us know, we are here to help with your dog’s diet, dog’s dog treats and a general increase in dog health queries.

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