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The day that supermarkets took over dog treats in Australia

happy meat based dog treat dog

happy meat based dog treat dog It won’t surprise many of you that the two main supermarkets in Australia sell about 80% of all food in Australia. With that kind of supplier power concentration, it’s easy to understand how farmers have had their profits cut to the bone.  Sadly not content with ruining the dairy industry, the two players are now trying to dominate the online dog treat world.

They don’t do a lot of their own brand product at the moment – that will happen after they have used other companies with very low prices to soften up the market.

However what you should always remember when you buy dog treats from a supermarket online or at the checkout, is that they are there to make their shareholders rich, not provide customers with the best products.

If you have a problem with their service or product you are going to have to email your complaint that will usually sit in an in-tray at corporate head office for a long time until some junior person with no authority gets around to it. And their goal is to have you go away quietly, not try and solve the problem so you get the most value.

They are purely a ‘bargain basement’ (as far as treat quality goes) sales outlet that until very recently have only sold grain based products.  They will sell some ‘major brands’ to you, but these brands have more global equity than Coles does. So again if you have a complaint or question about anything, forget it.  And these major dogs treat brands are mostly the leaders in multiple ranges of kibble on the Australian market that are mostly loaded with cheap grain.  How can you trust overseas multinationals that have profit as their prime directive, with your dog’s health and happiness? You can’t.

The healthy dog treat company point of difference

We are based in Melbourne (and don’t have offices in every state)

The owner is a professional dog walker who actually looks after many dogs each day out in the field. They understand how important exercise and healthy meat based dog treats are to a dogs health.  They just don’t on-sell a multi-nationals cheap grain offerings. They hand select and inspect every shipment of product they get in.

If you email us or call us, we get back to you as soon as we can.  If you forget our password, we fix that. We are here to solve specific problems about the dog treats you buy, no matter how many you buy from us. This is our core business. We don’t play office politics or ruin the primary producer’s life (Aussie farmers).

You will also see that we supply a list of the ingredients in any mixed dog treat we sell.  But then again that is easy for a lot of the single ingredient dog treats we provide for you.

If the supermarkets eventually go bargain basement on the price to ruin and control the market, this will only be your short term gain.  Regardless of how low they set any price, you still won’t get as fresh and high quality meat based treats as you can get here, nor will you ever get the service and accountability.

Buy from a small business that really cares about what they sell, and cares about your dog’s health, don’t risk your dog with a faceless corporation.

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