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Tess the bearded Collie Jumping VIDEO explained.

Tess dog jumping

Tess, is one of the most attentive dogs you will find.

As a bearded collie, she is from working dog stock, and I have created another video of her retrieving efforts. But this video shows how great her coordination is at jumping to catch the ball.

The remarkable thing about this is that she is over eight years old, and over the hour visits I had with her, she rarely tired.

In fact I had to often slow down the pace of play, because even in cool winter weather, some dogs over exert themselves.

When a dog doesn’t know when to slow down you have to be there to do it for them.

And so lies the conundrum for everyone who owns a working dog in an urban environment.

I am definitely not saying that it is bad, however along with the privilege of owning such a dog often comes a laborious duty. A bored working dog will not only get physical problems but can also become mentally unbalanced, antisocial and cranky.

That is not the case with Tess, because she is lucky to have people who have made time for her, however you can see how readily she is diverting her energy to doing this task that in itself is becoming laborious.

I have created articles based on papers suggesting that long periods of retrieving can be very dangerous for dogs because it elevates their stress hormones over long periods after the ‘play’.  So that is why I was careful here in alternating the games of fetch, jump and rest.

Of course tess’s breed is very good at rounding up animals. However you will find most dogs in the dog park don’t like this. Ideally a working dog needs to be adapted early to just playing with other dogs, and the owner not solely relying on such games as fetch, that can lead to obsessions.

tess jumps This is of course easy for someone to say that doesn’t own a working dog, but that is often a good reason people give for not having a working dog that will often want to run 40 km a day. As said, I was so glad to get to know such a dedicated and friendly dog as Tess, and her stunning looks didn’t hurt making our time very enjoyable together.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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