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Causes for Diarrhea in Dogs and Dog Treats That Are Great for Dogs with Diarrhea

Just like us, dogs need to be looked after especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet and just like us, dogs also suffer from illnesses like diarrhea, and choosing the right foods that your dog can consume whilst they are struggling with diarrhea is very important.

The main reasons why a dog can suffer from diarrhea are:

  • Over-consuming treats: Treat consumption should not exceed 10% of your canine’s everyday diet. Tracking this quantity and modifying the portion size of their main meals when needed is necessary to prevent this.  OF course if you are substituting 100% meat based dog treats, some journals suggest that they can be as high as 50% of a dogs calories.
  • Fillers: Fillers are ingredients added to dog treats to basically fill up space and make more affordable treats. Fillers include: wheat, soy, and corn. These can trigger diarrhea in dogs and can impact the digestive system diarrhea.
  • Artificial ingredients: Cheaper treats come with chemical additives that are harmful to your dog. The purpose of these additives is to enhance shelf life, add flavour or render them colourful. Though consuming these treats at intervals may not cause serious digestive problems for your dog.
  • Sudden changes: Dogs get used to a typical eating routine and as soon as there is a slight change made to their diets this can impact their gut health potentially causing indigestion and diarrhea.

After determining the factors that can contribute to causing diarrhea in dogs, there are various treats that are various  healthy dog treats that your dog can consume whilst being ill with diarrhea, and these include:

  • Cooked bones
  • Kangaroo meat
  • Fish treats

These treats are highly beneficial to dogs suffering with diarrhea as they are a lighter option to a regular meal and will not put too much pressure on their already sensitive stomachs.

Choosing treats that are extremely low in artificial colourings and fillers are also extremely beneficial to your dog and will assist with their digestion.

It is important to moderately treat your dog to light dog treats whilst suffering with diarrhea as their stomachs are already sensitive.

In instances where the symptoms of diarrhea are persistent or are accompanied with vomiting for over 24 hours, and your dog is also showing signs of lethargy or loss of appetite, you are always better off taking him to your vet without loss of time.

Sticking with known and tested dog treats like cooked bones for dogs (to the right level of dryness from a trusted dog treat manufacturer), kangaroo meat for dogs, fish for dogs, dog biscuits is another helpful measure to keep your dogs safe and healthy.

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