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Squid dog treats, and yes dogs eat squid. An instructional VIDEO!


squid-dog-treat- While many people love calamari when they dine out, they may not know how great it is for their dogs.

Please note that the colour of the squid is typically to do with the drying process in Australia. In these videos we had the dark brown squid, but in 2018/ 2019 we typically get the light tan colour version – very similar in shape and texture and eating.

I have included most of the nutritional information in the appendix but here is the summary:

in 100g of cooked squid there are typically about 8g of carbs and 7.5 g of Fat, however out of that fat only 2g are saturated.  The reason it is so healthy is that that 100g has 1.5g of Omega 6 and 0.6g of Omega 3.

Protein is a good 18g which means that most of the essential amino acids are present in high levels, easily making up for any of the non bio-available amino in the grains in dog food.

In this article we show you how much our treat master Archie dog, enjoys this wholesome treat !

Squid dog treats Squid BULK dog treats

Squid also has 0.5 mg of Riboflavin and 1.2 mcg of Vitamin b12.  Mineral wise squid is high in Selenium  51 mcg, Copper 2.1 mg, Phosphorous 250mg.

Can dogs eat squid?

Most dogs get fed beef or chicken in their dog food.  Varying the meat (cleaner the better) that your dog gets, helps satisfies its carnivore nature and carnivore nutrient requirements. Squid – like any Australian sea food is clean enough to be considered organic.

Our squid is also just dried squid – no additives, flavourings or colours.

They are mostly Whole squid, not bits and pieces so you have no idea which part they ear eating. The drying process also leaves the squid a little flexible so that it doesn’t immediately shatter when transported or eaten.  The closest texture to other meat we sell would be duck jerky.

Because this is a well sort after human food, supply and demand dictates that this treat is not a bargain basement treat – but then again when you are shopping for truly healthy dog treats, you are not after supermarket quality or over processes rubbish.  You want the best, and that is what we supply.  If you are not sure of your dogs taste buds in regards to squid, we recommend buying the smaller sample bags initially.


Nutrition data from:

Squid carbs and fat

squid protein

squid vitamins and minerals

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