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Something funny going on when owners can’t tell good pet treats

A happy pet treat dog fan

A happy pet treat dog fan What is it all about these pet treats

Today I was at the Altona Dog Obedience club presentation day giving away pet treats to winners. I applaud such clubs and the diligent volunteers and the people that come to train their dogs there.

The only point I am making in connection with this is that these dedicated dog owners like the majority of the population of Australia are very low purchasers of pet treats or dog treats.

The reason for this is that many people don’t know that their main dog food is basically a sack of grain with very little meat in it. So they don’t know that their dogs need meat supplements, best accomplished by dry pet treats that make their dogs chew to get their reward.

Some people baulk at the cost of pet treats, thinking that they can do it cheaper themselves, but if they don’t do a raw diet for their dog (buy, freeze, cut up in appropriate nutritional sizes) then the chance of them drying meat at the right temperature and storing it is equally unlikely. In fact since the meat they buy from a butcher is retail price, it is very unlikely that they will even turn our economically in front (their time not factored into the equation).

Dog food versus pet treats

The real shame about all of this is that most people don’t even know what they don’t know about dog nutrition. And for those that think they do, they won’t buy dog treats or pet treats because they think they are all rubbish like supermarket treats.

Yes there is rubbish pet treats around, so buyer must beware.  If you buy lots of pigs ears and cow skin, then of course you are getting just more filler like the majority of the dog food people buy.

I buy pet treats for my own dog that are high in meat (well they are also the ones I sell online here) but I also mix it up in the breed of animal that he eats.  Variety in meat proteins and fats is the key to keeping a dog happy and healthy. Imagine eating the same cereal for life three times a day as a human, you just wouldn’t do it!

And sometimes I think its just the amount of head space that most people want to devote to a topic. I live in dog land, and dog treats the land, so working out what pet treats I am going to get my dog, is very important to me. That makes it easy for me to work out what other breeds of dogs need too.


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