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The best mixed treat combo




Now you can get all your favourite composite dog snacks in one 300g pack.

Its hard to believe that we created (well Julie did) this tasty mixed pack of dog family favourites back on 2017. We have existed as a company since 2011 and have been selling all of these treats individually since then, but the TIDBITZ experience allows your dog to relish all of the composite treats in one handy sized bag.

A lot of people like to buy bulk 1 Kg bags of the treats individually, but the reality for many fussy eating dogs, is that they crave variety in size, texture and taste. If you are heading out, you don’t always have time to mix up a special Tidbitz pack, so we have done that for you. Also, when you buy Tidbitz you are only buying 300g at a time so you don’t have to stock up on kilograms of individual treats when you only want a mid-sized mixed pack, plus the bonus of a half roo stick is thrown in.

The composite treats in this pack are all around 40% plus meat, the remainder mostly being wheat. But even at this level, it means that Tidbitz often has more meat in it than many dog foods on the market.

The reason that this treat pack is universally liked, is that All of the treats in it have some chicken in the meat mix. This is a little secret of the industry that our suppliers are willing to share with us. Because of the ease of getting good chicken in Australia, and because it is used in most dog foods, composite treats tend to have a fair chunk of chicken meat in them, even if they have the majority beef or kangaroo.

That means that Roo balls and Roo crinkles both have 40% plus meat in them, and the majority of that meat is kangaroo meat, but a fairly large remainder of that mix is chicken meat.

We aim to have approximately equal grams of each of the four main composite treats in each pack plus the half roo stick cut up on top of those treats. Because of the much larger size of the rectangle of crinkle treat (than the balls) there will be less of the crinkles (by number, not gram) in the packet.

Settling of the treats means that the meat balls typically work their way to the bottom of the pack in transit … but as we sell these buy weight, and aim for even distribution of the weights of each of the treats, you know that your dog will get a nice even distribution of treats.

Tidbitz provides a nice nutritious, yummy mix containing Roo Balls, Chicken Balls, Kangaroo Crinkles, Chicken Crinkles and Roo Stick Bits.

Doggy TidBitz Dog Treats contain:

  • Roo meat balls
  • Chicken Meat balls
  • Roo Crinkles
  • Chicken Crinkles
  • HALF a roo stick in portions

TYPICAL Ingredients: Each one of the treats is composed of 40% meat (Kangaroo or Chicken meat), flour, wheat, salt, sugar, potassium sorbate. colour.124, iron oxide (roo treats).

If these specific ingredients are tweaked by the manufacturer we will keep an updated component breakdown on each individual treat product page.

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