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The healthiest pack in the ‘joint’

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SUPER SEAFOOD Ultra Dog Treats, Dog Subscription box

If you are interested in super healthy dog treats that provide major joint support for your dog, this is the number one pack in Australia.

It includes one of our most premium products and one of our highest sellers. It includes TWO of the best joint prevention and maintenance products on the market as well as some great fish meat protein.

First a quick note about Green Lipped mussels and Shark cartilage.  Green lipped mussels are from NZ, as that is the traditional home of this global health sensation. There are many imitations around and a lot of people passing off a variety of mollusks as GLMs.  But these are the real deal and have the highest level of Chondroitin and glucosamine available, along with Omega 3 and almost any other joint health support natural chemical you can think of.

Because these GLMs are so sort after and labour intensive (shelling), most people settle for using Shark cartilage with their dogs on a daily basis. This is what I do. Shark cartilage also has Chondroitin and glucosamine in it, and is a low kilojoule good teeth cleaning chew. IT has another 6 alkaloids that to a lesser extent assist in the dog cartilage building/ maintenance process.

Why two types of fish meat?  For variety and completeness.  Flake is a relatively low cost sea animal protein that can be cut down to any size you need to supplement your dogs food.  Sardines come in whole and complete form along with the well renown Omega 3 inclusion.

If your dog loves fish, and you want to keep their joints healthy at the same time –  this is the perfect Monthly pack for you and your dog !


 GLM  200g, SARD 100g, SHARK CART 200g, FLAKE 200g

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