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MEDIUM CHEWER Sampler Pack 400g

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Medium dogs LOW FAT & high chewing


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Medium Chewer Sampler Pack, Low Fat

If you are looking for small or medium sized dogs of any breed to almost any age that you want NATURAL longer chewing and teeth cleaning treats, while watching weight. This is the ideal NATURAL sampler pack to accomplish these tasks. All of the products in this pack are 100% animal based, no additives. If you like the samples of course you can buy single sample sized packs or Kg bulk savings packs of these treats.

  • Kangaroo Tendon FLAT x 2
  • Kangaroo Cartilage x 5
  • Kangaroo Tail pieces x 2
  • Shark Cartilage x 5
  • Shark Skin rolls x 4

LOW FAT is less than 4% on any treat.

When looking at treats, Kangaroo and Fish are traditionally the ‘healthiest’ as they  are low fat and organic (ie open range grazing).  We have included two Kangaroo and two ‘fish’ treats as well as a Roo bone for your dog’s chewing pleasure.  Note the Roo bone is included here as it is a relatively light bone with ample dry meat on it, meaning your dog will get a nutrition reward as well as some fun chewing. The other alternative that owners of small dogs sometimes choose is the roo tail pieces.

While I almost daily feed my dog roo tendons or roo cartilage to keep their teeth clean and the weight off, the fish treats are also a staple. Ling fish skins are a very low fat (typ less than 1 g) great alternative to pork and rawhide treats.  I also give my dog daily doses of shark cartilage to assist with the prevention of osteoarthritis. It helps build cartilage, provides pain relief and is a precursor to the fluid in the space between bones. A true miracle treat – see the shark cartilage benefit for dogs articles I have written.

Included in this pack:  Kangaroo Tendon Flat x2, Kangaroo Cartilage x5, Kangaroo Tail pieces x2, Shark Cartilage x5, Shark Skin x 4

The weight of the pack is typically 400- 500g but changes seasonally, because these are 100% animal products.  The virtual weight (accounting for volume and packing is closer to 600g for calculation of postage fees).

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