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Kangaroo TUBES

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Super tasty affordable Roo meat.

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Of course Roo Tubes / Roo Trachea is harvested and made in Australia.

The size is typically 10 to 20 cm long, a soft meat tube (often 2 to 4 cm wide) half compressed flat. A lovely brown roasted colour and delectable to almost ALL dogs!  Because these are sold by weight, the exact shape or weight of each piece isn’t vital to the dog treat connoisseur.

Iit is 100% natural, organic and incredibly good for your dog, but here is the magical thing about this treat that should inspire both you and your dog for purchase. As usual, we select the BEST sources of roo rubes in Australia to stock – many don’t make the grade. Too varied in colour, size, texture etc. We ONLY select the best for your dog. And have been doing so since 2011.

The reason that many dog owners love roo tubes is their natural organic origin and typically low fat. And of that fat, it has a high level of Omega 3, which assists in dog joint pain or maintaining the quality of their body/ brain activity etc.

Here is the other important truth bomb. As Australian dog owners are switching onto Kangaroo treats, they become scarcer and this drives the prices up. That means that the muscle meat (roo jerky) and roo tendons often become prohibitive.  However, Roo Tubes, being made from the kangaroo trachea are of a similar nutrient quality and substantially cheaper than Kangaroo Jerky.

Where are  Roo Tubes from?

If you think you haven’t heard of any treats made from trachea, think again. Most beef jerky sold on the market is actually cow trachea. It is cut and sliced into nice regular flat rectangles.  We sell that version of beef jerky, as well as Beef Jerky Prime (made from topside steak).

Considering that people have been feeding their dogs trachea (from cows) for years (and yes it keeps the price down), Kangaroo Tubes or Roo trachea, makes perfect, high nutrition, cost effective sense!

What about the eating action?

And here is another interesting fact. My 12 year old spoodle Arche (2020), actually prefers Roo tubes to Roo jerky much of the time.

This is because unlike beef jerky, Roo trachea is made in its more naturally 3D tube shape, and slightly compressed on the sides. It is often more fun for a dog to rip apart, and often easier for younger or older dogs, or dogs with soft jaws to eat.

NUTRITION analysis (APPROX):  Crude Protein 80%, Crude Fibre 10%, Crude fat 2-4 %

NO ADDITIVES, NO COLOURING – ONLY a very tasty, medium oven dried to a safe brown colour!

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