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Kangaroo Jerky NATURAL

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100% kangaroo long & thicker

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Kangaroo Jerky NATURAL Dog Treats  

If you see Roo jerky long from the top you mightn’t be able to see a lot of difference. The Kangaroo jerky NATURAL maximum length strips are typically about 25 cm long. While roo jerky long is typically 1-3 mm in thickness, Roo Jerky Natural can be 5 to 10 mm thick in places. There are many types of cuts available in roo jerky form, but this is where Kangaroo Jerky NATURAL differs.

THIS means that for the same wight pack, you might have about two thirds of the number of actual pieces, at double or triple the width. But being natural there will be some smaller pieces in the pack too.

Kangaroo meat is one of the most natural, flavour-some, wild and low fat meats you will find in the world.  Caught under quota designed to keep herds healthy and sustainable, this is also a blessing to the dog food/ treat industry in Australia.

The difference between roo jerky dog treats cuts

Roo Jerky NATURAL can typically be as long as Roo Jerky Long, (ie between 10 – 25 cm) and is often cut from a similar location on the roo, but while Roo Jerky LONG is typically quite flat in its strips, Roo Jerky Natural typically is a similar shape cut BUT usually MUCH thicker.

Its called natural because its more of a 3D kind of treat like an animal would more likely get in the wild. It has more of crunch, provides more texture for some dogs to chew a little longer.

YES its still 100% roo meat, so it’s not meant to be an all day chewer, but for dogs who love a little thicker texture, a more ‘natural’ cut, rather than a slice, this might become their new favourite.

How both of these (Long and Natural forms) differ from Kangaroo Jerky Small pieces treats, is that the small version is as thin as the long version and sometimes thinner, but of course cut into much smaller shapes.

Roo Jerky small is also cut from the leg typically rather than the belly or other places (like the long and natural treat versions are), and so the SMALL jerky dog treats a drier and lower fat treat, perfect if you are ok with them breaking much easier.

Kangaroo Jerky NATURAL Dog treat MAIN BENEFITS

  • Super TASTY
  • organic
  • low allergenic
  • High chewability – this is especially so for Kangaroo Jerky NATURAL pieces that are more 3D in nature.
  • High in essential amino acids  /  Beneficial oils (high in Omega 3 ) 


Many owners buy treats for different reasons. They are typically for length of time chewing (preoccupier treat), as a reward, or for a nutrition boost.

Because 100% kangaroo jerky Natural is 100% Natural, single ingredient, it definitely provides a very clean great protein boost.

However, the bigger bonus is that of all the jerkies, its more likely to provide a better chewing challenge for medium to bigger dogs. The thicker texture has a great chewing challenge, that like the kangaroo jerky long can also be great for teeth cleaning and gum strengthening.

Being MEAT, it also doesn’t leave grain crumb residue or carbs on the teeth to cause delay. It may actually clean these left over from kibble off your dog’s teeth!


Kangaroo JERKY in Long form is 100% Kangaroo meat, simply dried +  packed.


They are the KING of Premium Healthy dog treats!

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