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Crocodile Tail Bone Pcs

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MEATY croc bones!


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Crocodile Tail Bone Pcs  – AUSTRALIAN FARMED

An exceptional exclusive dog treat for your dog.

Being a rare meat this is classed as hypo-allergenic.  The difference between this and the regular crocodile leg bones we have sold is that this treat as a LOT more MEAT on the bone.  Along with the meat is some fat, so its not necessarily a low fat treat,  but the fat that is present is typically the GOOD (non saturated kind) unlike beef and chicken products per se.

These pieces are between 10 and 20 cm long and can be up to 5 cm in diameter on the larger bones. Of course you can crack then down if you like to have them last longer, or provide a good solid treat for any medium to large sized dog.

There are an assortment of tail pieces in this haul, so you may get either near the body or further down the tail.  This makes for some very interesting honeycomb structures often more complex than roo tail or lamb neck, but equally good at cleaning teeth.

Small dogs can participate, but as always please observe how your dog chews these treats and that they remember to chew before swallowing. Always supervise your dogs with treats.

INGREDIENTS:  100% crocodile bones and meat.

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