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Crocodile Leg BONES

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100% Genuine Crocodile bone

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Crocodile Leg BONES dog treats  – 100% Australian

These are from sustainable farmed 100% Australian crocodiles.

With typically 6 – 8 bones per 500g , and two bones per leg you are getting a lot of good  mini sized bones that still present a challenge for a lot of small and medium sized dogs.

These bones are typically about 10-20 cm in length and about 10-20 mm in girth. They can either be straight or slightly bent. The good news is that unlike many farmed animal bones, these bones still have a little meat on their surface. With two bones in the leg of approximately equal length,  dogs will be able to enjoy chewing on four end of bone knobs (easy access chewing).

Like the crocodile meat, these bone will have crocodile protein, so even the marrow is considered to be one of the highest non allergy fats around.

The crocodile bone dog treat nutrients 

Calcium (major element) along with phosphorus, and in the right ratio to maintain the affco recommendations for these elements

Omega 3 and 6 oils, for helping with skin allergies, brain function, heart health etc

These bones of course include a natural source of glucosamine and chondriitin, which can assist with dog joint and mobility issues.

Always supervise your dog while eating bones.

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Dimensions 25 × 20 × 20 cm

250 g, 500 g