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Crocodile Feet

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100% Aussie Croc Feet, Primo!

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Australian Crocodile Feet dog treats !

These aussie crocodile feet dog treats usually weigh between 5g and 50g each. And being genuine animal product they all vary in size, shape and colour.  They vary from batch to batch, but we try and include a full range of sizes in each dog treat pack that is representative of the range in the bulk batches we receive.

Crocodiles are ancient animals so their protein profile is quite different from most other animals on the planet and in particular from the regular commercial farmed animals like beef and chicken. Diversity of MEAT protein (and their associated essential amino acids) are vital for a healthy happy dog).

Our crocodile feet are from commercially farmed crocodiles destined for restaurant quality produce.

While kangaroo is considered hypo allergenic, Crocodile meat is even more hypo-allergenic and unlikely to cause an allergy reaction.

WHY crocodile feet dog treats exceptional

Because farming these beasts is not an easy task, and human treats are not as varied as dog tastes, so their is a low supply at the moment. All of this means that there are only a small number of croc farms in Australia and crocs are mostly harvested as juveniles, meaning that the feet are often quite small. Good news to our clients, because you get more to each pack.

Our Crocodile feet are from the hind legs and forelegs bones that we sell on this site.  Unlike the leg bones and crocodile sticks we sell, these feet also include the skin. The skin keeps the whole feet and its nutritious bounty together and  is mostly easily chewed and eaten. They also include the croc nails which tend to pass through the digestive system like fiber.

These feet are extremely easy for my ten year old spoodle to eat, so I imagine that most dogs will be ok with eating them. BUT ALWAYS supervise your dogs eating ANY DOG TREATS in case they get over zealous and forget to chew.

If you are after something exotic, that is an authentic 100% meat based ANCIENT dog treat, then crocodile feet are what you are after.

Ingredients =  100% dried Crocodile feet, no additives.

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