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Beef Jerky NATURAL

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Crunchy healthy Aussie meat

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Beef Jerky Natural – 100% Australian!

If this treat is out of stock, Please try BEEF JERKY PRIME (uses actual topside steak) !

This is what that ‘regular’ ‘vanilla’ rectangle flat type of beef jerky dog treats is made out of.

But of instead of processing to look neat in the pack, this is the NATURAL as close to nature version that you can get beef jerky in.

IT can be anywhere from 10 cm to 30 cm long and about 3 cm wide. It starts out in a tube form and they cut it into lengths, press it down (flatten it), and because it’s a tube, the flattened version has an impressive 3D and extra crunch to it.

If your dog is bored with the regular beef jerky that you find in every other store, these beef jerky ‘Natural’ dog treats are sure to impress.

We also currently have a Roo Jerky version (called Roo jerky tubes) on our site that is made in exactly the same way. Get a tube of meat, flatten it and dry it.

INCREDIENTS:  Australian Beef Jerky.


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