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Beef Bully Sticks Steers

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25 cm long regular tan colour BULK


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Beef Bully Sticks / Beef Pizzle (STEERS) – made in Australia

Beef Bully sticks ( Beef Pizzle)  are 100% beef product and used for hard chewing dogs.

Being a natural product they will vary in size. They are usually between 25 to 30 cm in length and the WIDTH usually varies between only 5 mm or so on one side but can be 10 mm to 15 mm on the other side of the stick.  They will vary in length, width and colour as they are 100% natural product that varies seasonally with breed of bull season etc.

These are our regular width sticks. Our XLG sticks are more suitable for the biggest chewing dogs around.

You might be wondering what is the difference between the Brown regular LONG bully sticks and THESE long tan coloured Steer bully sticks.  Well pretty much nothing.  The nutrition level is the same and these sticks might even be a little harder chewing.

The main difference seems to be the colour.  Some people just like the dark brown long sticks more (that come from the older bulls), and at the moment the market makes makes those sticks more expensive.

So if you are after a long bully stick at the most economical price, then this is it. Long, tan Steer (younger bull) bully sticks in bulk.

These sticks are 100% beef animal product with no additives at all. Bully sticks in general are the longest chewing MEAT based part of the cow.

Beef pizzles / bully sticks main uses are as a chewy preoccupation and nutritional aid.

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Weight1.35 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 25 cm

1 Kg, 200 g, 500 g

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