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Beef Bully Sticks Short X-LG

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THICK & SHORT, bulk savings


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Beef Bully Sticks / Beef Pizzle X Large – TRUE BULK SAVING

If you have a big powerful breed dog or genuine guard dog, these might be the main safe, long chewing solution you have been looking for.  They are also suitable for staffies or any dog with great jaws that you dont want quickly chewing and then being bored.

We have the x-large long bully stick versions if you want an all day stick for a big dog, but dogs on a diet or dogs that might be tempted to bury a long stick half way through, this shorter x-large thickness tick is the perfect chewing solution.

100% Australian Beef, they are 100% nutrition, nothing added or taken away.

As these sticks are 100% natural – not shredded and glued together like those fake vegetable sticks, they will naturally vary in size (colour, length and width) but they are the widest bully sticks in short format that we sell.

They are typically 12-18 cm long and 15 to 25 mm in diameter. But as said that NATURALLY varies.

Beef pizzle / bully sticks act as a nutrition, help prevent boredom and help keep teeth and gums healthy for LARGE chewing dogs. If you have a smaller dog, perhaps try our regular bully stick sizes.

Ingredients =  1 kg net Beef Bully sticks – no additives !

Additional information

Weight1.35 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 15 cm

1 Kg, 500 g

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