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Beef Bully Sticks Short

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Beef Bully Sticks short , yummy.

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Beef Bully Sticks / Beef Pizzle:  SHORT & thin regular, Aussie grown and made

If these bully sticks are out of stock, please consider Roo Tail tips or roo tail pieces.

Beef Bully sticks are the ‘go to’ dog treat for the Small and medium chewing dogs around here.

They are typically about 10-15 cm at their longest cut, and a few small pieces around 5 cm might occasionally be included in the bag.

These are the shorter or cut down version of our regular Beef Bully stick Long sticks, so they have a similar thin girth of around 5 mm typically up to a max of about 10 mm

If you are after a big dog challenge, please consider the XLG bully stick varieties.

But some dogs are prone to burying these full length sticks, but these our cut at approx 10-15 cm lengths and are thin enough for almost any medium sized dog, and some small tenacious chewers.

Beef bully sticks are one of the longest chewing beef meat parts around. The only other bully stick for the harder chewing dogs we can recommend is our XLG sizes.

These bully stick or beef pizzle have nothing artificial or added, this beef dog treat is an 100% Australian beef product, and is 100% natural !

Beef pizzles/ bully sticks main uses are as a chewy preoccupation and nutritional aid.

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 15 cm

1 Kg, 200g, 500 g