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AUSSIE JNR Dog Treats – All Australian

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Three square meals

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AUSSIE JNR Dog Treats – All Australian


Not only are these ALL Australian treats, they are some of our best sellers.

They are also 100% single ingredient.  JUST meat jerky dried and supplied.

This is the perfect supplement to commercial dog food that typically has 30% animal meat included (if you are luck).  Dogs need quality meat protein, because its bio available.

And because your dogs have typically been exposed to a lot of chicken and beef in their life (as they are the two of the most common meats in commercial dog food.  If your dog handles pellets well, then they are highly unlikely to have any allergies to pure 100% meat jerkies of Beef and Chicken.



As the name implies, these are the best Aussie staples you can get for your dog, each month.

While they might only last a few weeks (if you feed themdaily as a meat supplement, they are at least a good variety pack, or a top up option.  Some months you might also supplement your feeding by buying another Kg or 500g pack of one or all of these treats.

Most people think they know chicken and beef, but consider this, because these are WHOLE cuts of meat their texture means you can see exactly what you are getting (unlike cheap minces or MDM meats used in most commercial dog food. Also they will be slightly more difficult to eat, slowing your dog’s down a little and they will also help clean your dog’s teeth.

Roo jerky small cut is very low fat, organic and thin, making them very easy for most dogs to eat.  Kangaroo is also considered hypo-allergenic, meaning your dogs are very unity to have an allergic reaction to it, even if they have NEVER had it before – in fact that is a big part of why it has low allergy reactions and why vets use roo in ‘elimination diets’.

This treat mix really is a no brainer. Three of the most popular and common meats in Australia that will provide joy and health to your dogs in so many ways.  ENJOY responsibly (ie ideally supervise your dogs eating treats)… just in case.

Ingredients:   Aus chicken 200g, Aus Beef 200g   , Aus Roo SMALL 200g

ADDITIVES:  NIL, Zip, Narda.

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