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Aussie Chicken Breast 200g

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100% Aussie Chicken Breast treats!


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Aussie Chicken Breast Dog Treats. 200g

While many dog owners opt for the 500g and 1 Kg packs, we can understand that a few people like to dip their toe in the water when it comes to new products.

That is why we created this 200g pack. For most dogs is considered a sampler size, and we are sure that after your dog has tasted our aussie chicken breast dog treats – you won’t anything other chicken.

You will notice that this treat is a little greasy (that is just the actual chicken fat.  The chicken itself is pressed very thin only a couple of mm, and even translucent in parts.

Suffice to say most dogs really love the taste of Australian chicken,. That means we have even reduced the carbon footprint on this one !  These Australian Chicken breast dog treats are made in MELBOURNE, Australia.

INGREDIENTS:  Chicken Breast Meat, Soy Protein, Glycerine (Vegetable), Salt, Sugar, Garlic  

The vast bulk of this treat is Aussie chicken breast.  The other additives are used to maintain treat integrity during transit and storage, as well as provide extra flavour. They have a very similar ingredient profilt to the Blackdog chicken breast we also sell.

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