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ROO TENDONS – New product news

roo tendons dog treats

roo tendons dog treats We now sell roo tendons in 100g, 500g and 1 Kg amounts, FRESH dried treats !

We regularly see Roo tendons sold at various general stores and even on e-bay. But the reality is that even though most of them are a higher in price than we sell them for, these people are after profit, they aren’t ‘dog people’, nor do they have the same duty of care to dogs.

Only stores that specialise in Dog treats – not random pet treats and every other conceivable toy or medicine product, might have any real concern about where they get their treats from and what quality they are.

There is more to securing quality treats than a random CFO bargaining down the price of a treat from a supplier because they buy in bulk. That CFO has probably never seen a roo tendon in real life, let alone packed an order.

ROO TENDONS – New product news

What this typically means that with so many line items and a massive warehouse to stock all of the NON DOG products that the treats are often much older than what we provide.  If they are the kind of company that orders in treats only after you have ordered them, you will instead get fresh treats a week later than we can send them out to you.  We make sure our order levels of roo tendons are just right to ensure maximum freshness and continual supply.

While our Kangaroo tendons are fresh and sent to you usually within one or two days of ordering they are also checked for quality and you get one-on-one communication with us – not via a warehouse, a few days later by someone who is paid too low to care.

Besides the roo tendons being high quality and sent to you almost immediately, we find its the quality of our service that most of our customers appreciate most. Have a look at our testimonials that are direct customer quotes to understand why we are doing so well and ONLY  sell dog treats !

Why Roo tendons are the king of dog treats

It is true that 100% kangaroo jerky is also a brilliant dog treat, and one I regularly give to my dog as a dog food supplement and a teeth cleaner. It is one of the best treats on the market, but it doesn’t last anywhere near as long as kangaroo tendons do. Nor can it provide the deep teeth cleaning that roo tendons do.

If you have a dog that gains weight easily, or you don’t get to walk as often as you would like, then roo tendons AFTER their main meal is the ideal solution on so many fronts. Besides it having the same kind of low fat quantity, it has the same high quality fats Omega 3, just like you get in salmon and deep sea fish – without the possible risk of heavy metals that I read some people on forums are concerned about.

Did you know that  ” The meat of the kangaroo may be the highest known source of the healthy fat conjugated linoleic Acid (CLA).”  And that it is typically FIVE times the amount of CLA than is found in lamb meat.  CLA’s are a favourite of health officials as it reduces body fat in humans and dogs and has anti cancer and anti diabetes properties.

This online store is my own business. I originally found the template and put up my own website years ago. I only sell the best treats at the best prices, with the best service, because the business is my own responsibility, which I take very seriously.  Do you know of many other online dog treat stores run by professional dog walkers? Case rested !

So the next time you are shopping for the best dog treat at the best price, also remember us for the best service.

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