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Why REAL healthy, natural dog treats are mostly generic and meat. Not frosted biscuits!

Happy schnauzer and cavoodle

Happy schnauzer and cavoodle I was looking at a high ranking article on healthy dog treats and came across one by aunty (abc) and if this kind of misinformation wasn’t so common, I would be shocked.

It was a puff piece on couple that makes good by baking dog biscuits (with high margins). The Irony of the uneducated reviewer was to brag about how these treats were ‘good enough for humans to eat’.

Irony in that humans are omnivores, and very often humans like a savoury cake, made mostly of grain. ignoring completely the fact that dogs are 90% carnivores (have a tolerance to grain and vegetables) they go on to explain this remarkable innovation of a couple as an “up-market dog biscuit”.

Grain is still grain – sans any extra actual healthy additives like minerals and vitamins included in our basic range.

Don’t get me wrong, we sell dog biscuits on our site, but they are by far and away NOT the focus of our site. They are included because of demand (relatively low) and providing a complete range of treats. You should also understand that our dog biscuits are not disguised as cupcakes for the owner’s benefit. They are usually also vastly less expensive.


We stock biscuits that have added vitamins and minerals and usually some kind of connection to animals like beef or cheese biscuits. We stock medicinal charcoal and glucosamine biscuits, for dog health, not for making the owner’s smile at how cute the treat looks. Sorry, we are about making dogs healthy, not tricky advertising.

Its fine for horses, chickens and rabbits to be loaded with grain, as that is in their domain of being a herbivore.  It is completely unconscionable pushing more grain and vegetables into a dog that is primarily a carnivore but already eats 70% grain through their commercial dog food.

Healthy High fat and low fat dog treats

The extremely misleading claim to the healthy tag is that they advertise these pieces of human confectionary as ” no sugar, no fat”   That might be the biggest selling points of these grain based colourful (additives) monstrosities, but they are not what REAL healthy dog treats are about.

NATURAL fat that comes with an animal, is used by a carnivore for energy and metabolic building functions within their body. Everyone knows that Omega 3 and 6 are important for dogs (because commercial dog food companies have told them so), but so are animal fats. Animal fats are what dogs evolve on.

DOGS eat all types of fats from all types of animals and they are unsaturated to saturated. But since they dogs don’t have the cholesterol issue that humans get, excess fats only are a potential cause of weight gain, nothing else.  The fat most likely put into dog biscuits by entrepreneurs is often vegetable based, which is exactly what our product range of meat treats avoids.

Beef, lamb, and chicken dog treats should come with the fat that comes with the animal. Not extra fat, and not over processed removing the fat. This usually means around 10% animal natural fat.  if your dog has pancreatitis or is obese or for some reason doesn’t process a particular animals fat very well, then you would be inclined to want low fat treats.

There is no such thing as NO FAT animal treats unless they have been heavily processed which itself often makes a treat unhealthy.  The fats in low fat treats such as kangaroo and fish are actually high in Omega 3, the very oil that is recommended for dogs to take on a daily basis. But because its an animal based omega 3, its SOOOOO much better than the flax seed version in most dog food.


When you read articles that talk about the ‘happiness on people’s faces’ they don’t consider the health implications of feeding more grain to a dog that is already overloaded. They talk about the artificial warm and fuzzies that owners get from overspending on artificial food because of good advertising, nothing more.

When an article or a company puts babyish terms and anamorphic terms like ‘fur babies’ they are being condescending to you, and dangerous to your dogs. Your dogs are not human babies nor do they have human digestive processes.

We think of dogs as noble creatures, with a strong pack nature, and a desire and need to eat meat based dog treats. While this means we end up selling ‘generic’ parts of animals, we ensure that we get the best quality for the best prices to you.  We don’t disguise the bad nature of the ingredients with some clever cupcake frosting, or doughnut shapes, we sell to you as close as we can to nature, in stable dried forms.

We only recommend and sell treats that we have thoroughly researched from a dog nutrition point of view and we safely give to our own dogs. People come back to us because of the treats and service, not the coloured frosting (not included on our treats!)

Call your dog whatever you will, including ‘furbabbies’, ‘pooches’ or whatever nickname takes your fancy, but please remember that they are only a few thousand years separated from their wolf ancestors. They deserve to be treated with respect, pride and a proper food source, not just what is convenient for big multinationals to sell you (at their cheapest cost).

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