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The local pub, and why you should buy a healthy smacko dog treats?

not a smacko dog

not a smacko dog A dog walking client of mine (who also buys smacko dog treats) is closing their bottle shop part of the pub after maybe 80 years* (includes previous owners). The reason: They can’t compete against Coles and Woolworths – customers have said that they can buy alcohol a couple of dollars cheaper at the supermarkets.

And you may also know that many chain liquor stores (from cheap to expensive) are now owned by the two monoliths. What great buying power, leveraged from their food sales. But this wonderland won’t last long, so drink up.. and read on …

I asked the owner of the local pub why they can’t compete on price, and he said even though CUB says that they sell their product to supermarkets and his pub at the same price (I would say cheaper to Coles), because with higher volume purchases, Coles gets a lot of monetary bonuses. Also, Coles staff are casual and paid low wages, so the local pub can’t compete on just about any level. Plus they can’t even really afford to advertise.

If you are a pub goer at all, imagine the world when there are only two pub chains with their generic brand of beer and cheer on offer, across the entire land? It all starts with your choice not to buy from your locally owned and run pubs.

The above model is what Coles and Woolworths do until they drive all competition out, then they whack up prices. Buying from them will only benefit you in the VERY short term. Same as when you buy from Kmart, target, bunnings or any other of the number of markets that they have got into and killed.

It is a sensible business model for a monopoly, just not sensible that our ACCC ‘watch dogs’ have allowed it. The shareholders love it, but the average person gets ripped off for choice and price, in the mid and long term.

Back to dog treats.

People come to the markets that I have stalls at and ask for “something like Smacko’s”. You are probably not aware but smackos are owned by mars who are a confectionery company who also happen to make Grain filled dog kibble such as Advance, Pedigree  & Pal, Royal Canin,  Nutro (natural Choice),   Greenies, Exelpet, My Dog.

By buying grains in bulk and selling you dog “food” at inflated prices, they can afford to do national TV ads with funny animated dogs (almost as natural as their food), sell more then kill competition more, then put prices up…

The smackos website has very little ingredient information on the products, and even if they did, they would not tell you the percentages. I would guess that they have more grains than meat and added sugar in most of their treats to make those treats, irresistible to your dog (fool its senses). That’s what a shareholder run company does, it’s not about the health of your dog or what they should be eating, its about shifting grains and making money for the monopolies.

Meanwhile a few of my clients have been buying chicken straps and roo straps (because they look like smackos). Though Blackdog ranges (the ones I sell) are 85% meat. If smackos is anything like their kibble, its likely that they would be 20-30% meat at most. THAT is what makes it very difficult to compete on price, yet I still do so. I just kill my margins and the majority of people just keep buying treats from the supermarkets without any idea of what is in them.

A full explanation of the black dog treats is shown in the long description for every treat in my online shop on this site.

Bunnings has been rumoured to want to go into the dog treat market. If so, more people will be buying smackos and the like, you will see more ads, and your dogs will get fed a worse diet than ever. Because more animated cartoons, mean more sales for the monopoly – regardless of the ill health affects overloading a dog diet with grain causes.

If only people bought dog food and dog treats on logic and reality AND FOR DOG HEALTH, rather than animated cartoons!

If you want to keep your dog healthy, buy your treats from me. if you want to have no choice and pay the same or more for more grain, then buy from the status quo.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to our WEBSITE.

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