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CHICKEN Blackdog biscuit treat 1 & 5Kg

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Real Chicken in a biscuit

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Chicken Dog Biscuits, by BLACKDOG

Chicken is the most used meat in dog food, so it makes sense having it in a biscuit (ie dogs love it).  Blackdog Premium Bulk Chicken biscuits use real chicken and are made in Melbourne Victoria in their factory. It is true that very rarely is premium chicken breast used in dog biscuits, but MDM chicken is still 100% chicken meat – and far more naturally tasty than artificial flavours soy made to taste like meat!

NOTE as of 2023 – we now sell these superb dog biscuit treats in 1Kg and 5 kg packs !

If your dog loves chicken, (and most commercial dog foods have chicken in them), then you know that they are not allergic to it, and that it’s a taste that they are happy to eat. It’s also one of the readily available commercially farmed animals, so it will satisfy your dog’s carnivore desires.

In fact, animal products are the first three ingredients after wheat. Tallow is the chicken fat, Chicken mince and meat meal are both 100% meat products. You would be surprised how many ‘chicken biscuits’ only contain chicken flavouring that has NOTHING to do with actual chicken meat, unlike these chicken MEAT included biscuits!

The chicken dog biscuit is bone shaped to help clean your dog’s teeth when they are chewing.  Like the rest of the range. they have omega 3+6 essential fatty acid oils, garlic (for discouraging fleas and worms), and other vitamins and minerals.

The use of ‘calcium carbonate ‘ is for an anti-caking component to smooth out the biscuit texture, but it also adds calcium for the dog for your dog that is used for many metabolic processes, including keeping the dogs bones strong. Calcium carbonate can also act as an ant-acid and for treating dogs with low calcium blood levels (hypocalcemia).

I typically give my dog mostly meat products because I believe strongly on their wolf/ carnivore ancestry. But not everyone has time or money to feed their dogs a proper raw diet (meat based) or the understanding of how to put all of the required components healthfully together. That is why, particularly if you are feeding your dog on a commercial dog food diet that usually has about 30% maximum meat amounts, that try to supplement your dogs with meat-based treats.

That said, if you are feeding your dog ‘dog biscuits’ you may as well feed them one that has actual REAL chicken meat in it, than just more grain or vegetables.

ingredients: wholegrain wheat, tallow, chicken mince, meat meal, sugar, salt, garlic powder, calcium carbonate, flaxseed meal, vitamins & minerals, titanium dioxide.  (2021 information)

Nutrition: protein 11%, fat 6%, fibre <10%, salt 0.75%

CHICKEN Biscuit Approximate dimensions:  75 mm long x  37 mm widest x 15 mm deep, 20 grams weight

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Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 38 × 19 × 21 cm

1 Kg, 5 Kg