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SMALL SOFT Dog Treats for any dog!

Puppies, older dogs or dogs with soft jaws or illness, even just small and toy breed dogs can all benefit from smaller treats. 

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And as these dogs may not always get enough exercise, adding 100% meat based dog treats to their diet is vital.  NOTE that if any of these treats are bigger than you might regularly use, we selected them because you can easily break or cut them down smaller.

We have also mostly included the Smaller bag sizes in this category. if you want to buy the Kg bags please view them in the Specific meat category such as Beef BULK category.

You might want your dog to chew, but if they have difficulty in doing so with the bigger stronger treats, you are going to be wasting a lot of time and money until you find the right kind for your dog.

In this category we have drawn together most of our 80% meat range that are usually in small sizes and packed together in our samples sized Tidbitz pack.

We also have the meat stick range of treats and many 100% meat treats options.

Just because your dog isnt a big chewer should not mean they miss out on the most nutritious meat based dog treats on earth. But fact is because these are soft and or small, ANY DOG can eat them!

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