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Pig ears dog treats are one of the most well known long lasting chews !

pigs ears best dog treat australia

pigs ears best dog treat australia Have you ever wondered why you see pig’s ears dog treats everywhere and some people swear by them, but other people never use them?

The brief history of pigs ear dog treats

Pig ears are still one of the favourite dog treats for big chewing dogs.  And that is because you can buy them almost anywhere, including $2 and thrift shops.

They have been around as long or longer than rawhide but compared to rawhide they are a much safer option.

That is because they are a 100% animal product that is not melded together with glues and should not have any additives.

The problem you face with buying pig ears cheaply from cheap stores and even supermarkets is that some of these are not so ‘green’ (clean) and often have additives.  They are fairly easy to dry and come in various sizes, but nowadays they even have created the unnecessary and bad vegetable version of the ear.  The reason they make vegetable fake pig ears is that it’s cheaper.  That’s also the same reason that you don’t see meat versions of vegetables in ANY FORM!

The reason you should continue with buying the genuine article, such as what we sell, is that you need as much animal product and animal fats (to some extent) into your carnivore domestic dog as you can get. Commercial Dog food typically doesn’t have much quality meat or even meat on a percentage wise basis – often contains animal by-product that can be almost anything that a human wouldn’t eat. So this animal product (pigs ears)  can provide some role in most dog’s nutrition requirements.

The ears like the ears of most animals have a small layer of flesh and two layers of skin. Because they are simply dried, the moisture is mostly removed from the ear, making it harder chewing and lot thinner than when it is raw.  We have plenty of other long chewing pork products in our store, but for pig’s ear fanciers, our pig’s ears still rate very highly.

The only caveat to this is that pigs ears are not for all dogs.  if your dog is small, old or has soft jaws (like many smaller retrievers) the pig’s ears are going to provide too much of a challenge to keep them interested in them. This often results in them being buried somewhere in the yard when you aren’t looking.  Dogs requiring to be on a low-fat diet, such as ones with pancreatic problems or obesity will also not necessarily want to be eating a lot of pigs ears and their associated Kj heavy saturated fats.

We have many other high quality low fat long lasting treats in our store, and have even created two long chewing dog pack bundles in our SPECIALS section.

But if you are going to stick with the pig’s ears, we sell them cheaper in bulk options from a trusted source.  And if your dog seems to love the ear but can’t manage a whole one, we sell a variation on the ear for smaller dogs or ones that you may want to keep on a  more rigid diet – the pigs ear strips.

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