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Our holiday in Noosa and the price of dog treats Australia

Noosa sunset and dog treats

Noosa sunset and dog treats Dog Treats Australia, where else?

Its been a long time since I was on holiday last, and a long time since I had to leave my dog with anyone else, so this last one was a bit of a mixed feeling.

Where we stayed was beautiful and the people were great, and even though we didn’t see many dogs being walked in the streets, I know from the media that they do like their dogs up there.

The most curious thing about our visit and dog treats was that in one of the main tourist sections there was only one supermarket, and its prices were two to three times more expensive for most items than our regular local supermarkets.  You know that prices are over the top when they are as high or higher than a Coles express supermarket price.

I am sure that locals would only use this particular supermarket in an emergency (unless they were ridiculously rich) but the main point with this was that the items were the typical ones we get at the two main chain supermarkets in Melbourne – ie little to do with nutrition, lots of additives and very little meat.

YET the prices for these treats where higher than the 100% meat dog treats that I sell on line !

Through all of my years of selling healthy dog treats online in Australia the one thing that I have noticed about the whole supermarket and dog treats scam is that its location that seems most important to most buyers.  If you buy your dog food at a supermarket (ie grains) why wouldn’t you trust them to provide your dog treats.

It seems that most people are unaware of a dogs need or meat, they can’t read the labels or are just too busy to worry about what might really be best for their dogs.

The difference between dog treats Australia (our high quality) and the pretenders

I would  never suggest that anyone who buys dog treats is uncaring about their dogs, but its very unfortunate that people are still getting ripped off buying over priced raw hide products, pigs ears (again low nutritional value) or essentially confectionary in bright red packets, labelled as dog treats.

As any reader of this blog will know, our dog treats are actually healthier than most dog food on the market. Our healthy dog treats actually have a high percentage of meat in them, and are priced so that even with postage, anywhere in Australia, you are likely to beat the local price – assuming that you could get 85% meat based treats, that is mostly the minimum meat level for all our treats (except biscuits).

At the end of the day, I would have to say the sunsets and people and dogs were beautiful, but a D minus for the supermarket dog treats, as per usual !


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