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Only a few days until gourmet dog treats are made incredibly briefly insanely cheap

A happy healthy dog treat dog

A happy healthy dog treat dog For all those people who visited my stand at the Melbourne DogLovers Show last week I thank you. But the reality was after being in the show for a few hours and people getting free samples thrust at them, then spending all their money on new dog innovations, many people seemed a little world weary by the time they made it upstairs.

It was a big show and there is no one to blame for having too many stores giving so much value – but it also means that many people were unable to get what would really benefit their dog, a slow eating, high protein, high quality 100% meat dog treat at extremely reasonable prices.

Gourmet dog treats soon at bargain basement prices

You have probably heard all of that before, but as a thank you to anyone who signed up for the healthy Dog treat promotion and newsletter, the first discount one that you receive this Friday will be a bonus discount on many of our main jerkies.

Jerky dog treats  are basically any 100% dried meat that is made for dogs, it is the whole meat and nothing but the meat. It lasts a long time (up to a year when properly stored in the pantry) but most people will use a kilo within two months of opening it, even if they are conservative.

The reason why jerky is so good for your dog, is that if you have your dog on a pellet or can diet, they are getting 30% meat at most. Maybe some offal, maybe some bone, but very rarely above 30% and definitely below 50%.  This means your dog will not be getting enough meat protein and its essential amino acids in their diet. They will struggle to make do with the vegetable proteins and some important body functions are likely to not be given what they need.

I call all quality meat jerky’s Gourmet in response to the dangerous and stupid labelling people make of biscuits and vegetable matter that have ‘fancy’ (not required) ingredients that appeal more to humans than dog. If you put sugar and oil on anything, most species on earth will eat it.

So these additives are not the point of what gourmet should be about. Gourmet dog treats are about your dog getting the finest ingredient that is actually required for the healthiest sustainment of their lives, Yes it should be called Mandatory and not gourmet, but that is just how the dog food industry is at the moment. Gees, its like you cant trust huge corporations anymore?


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