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No More Doggie Junk Food, just natural & healthy dog treats


healthy-dogs-playing Eventually owners who find our site, slowly learn the truth that many dog treats are not even fit to be used as low grade dog food.  We at Healthy Dog Treats believe that a REAL DOG TREAT is one that is healthier than dog food.  This is generally easy considering the very low meat component in most other company dog treats.

We occasionally scan the net for “alternative truths” about dog food and dog treats, and we often find them on the home page disguised as ‘dog health articles’ or breakthrough news. A good example is a quote: “The ones I find most tempting ..  a combination of cinnamon, oats, and honey, baked into a crunchy cookie”

Advertisers are clever in knowing that most humans can’t tell a herbivore from a carnivore (your dog).  They then transport you to the 1950’s America where grandma is cooking you a fresh batch of cookies that you are sharing with your beloved dog.  Fast forward to the 21st century where most non corporate dog health sources realise that dogs are carnivores and so should be fed mainly meat.

If you doubt this, you should check with exclusive pet shop experts about what the most expensive dog brands and varieties have in them.  Except for those that are adding ‘super-foods’ additives, the commonality is they are all trying to seem like they have a higher meat percentage.  Yes, they are finally (well the non majors) competing on the unique attribute of feeding your carnivore dog, more meat in their diet! They will tell you how much more meat is in their dog food in big numbers or words (even if its a modest bump from 30% to 40% of the weight).

DOGS do not, I repeat DO NOT, need ” cinnamon, oats, and honey”  or “cookies”.   We sell biscuits on our site, but they are one of our lowest selling products. We do it just for completeness sake. Adding sweet stuff to grain is the oldest known trick in the book to get sentimental owners on board and to feed any species sugar addiction.  Yes, dogs and most other species love refined sugar or any sweet tasting thing. However, sugar and the sweet additives are completely irrelevant and in fact mostly bad for dogs who get their energy boost from the protein found in meat.

Here is another hint at how traditional human junk food makers are expanding their market into dogs without any care for the fact they should be selling you meat, not sweets. The reporters say ” there is a revolution taking place in the dog treat industry .. crossed over from the larger pet food industry.”  Essentially junk food makers are looking at places for making more growth (and profit) and a way of dumping grain and sugar, at your dog’s expense.

Unfortunately you will find that there are almost no dog service industry dog food makers – they are all from the corporate world of fast food or pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Companies with no duty of care to the animals they feed – otherwise they would be selling 70% minimum meat dog food, and not the 30% which is often the case right now.

Beware of the mis-use of “functional treats”

Another pundit reports that “just as we may feel less guilty .. eating a chocolate bar that contains antioxidant-rich goji berries, we can also feel better about giving our dog treats with superfood ingredients that promote health, such as acai, coconut oil, chia seeds, kefir, or spirulina,”.

“Superfoods” is a go to trend word to sell minute traces of supposed HUMAN “superfoods” to dog owners wanting the “best” dog food. The reality is all that it does is drastically increase the price of a bag of wheat or rice – because they think they can now call an extra gram of superfood “healthy”.  The tiny amount of these “super” ingredients, that often aren’t even scientifically proven to be of benefit for humans, being placed in dog food or dog treats is a giant scam.

It might be true that coconut oil provides some measure of good fats to your dog, but so does genuine meat and omega 3 from fish oil. You can only add so many oils to your dog before you upset their stomach or make them fat, that is why you need to maximise the REAL nutritional benefits of EVERY GRAM you give your dog – just not filler grains and ‘superfood’ additives.

We sell a range of meat based dog treats that provide a secondary value (besides nutrition) such as shark cartilage for osteoarthritis, and roo tendons fish skins for low fat long hewing (medium sized dogs).  Bones for heavy chewing dogs, with species appropriate 100% natural marrow in the centre. We do this because these things have ingredients with proven (science peer reviewed journals, with tests on DOG)  – not because we wish it to be true.


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