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the healthy dog treats online shop update is almost here!

healthy dog treats dog

healthy dog treats dog The online dog treats shop, how did it turn out?

I have a corporate marketing background, an analytic one, so I was interested in what a sales optimisation expert I contracted though of the new site layout. And I was extremely happy with the feedback he gave. Perhaps because I told him of my marketing and search background he was able to back up his comments more than just making statements.

My expert discussed everything from image and branding to creating the right positioning of the product (making the site unique). Curiously none of the big players in dog treats online in Australia really bother that much with branding or placement of their products (ie making a statement about what their range or they themselves stand for). They just mostly chuck up a site, show cheap postage and give no nutritional information etc, because they just want money, they are not really involved in the dog industry or wanting to take a stance. Dogs for them are a commodity, not a life, not a cherished animal that deserves the best.

Some of the smaller players in the dog treat industry have very individualised sites, not a lot of focus on positioning (making their site different from everyone else’s), and they also miss the point that the corporate take very seriously – (cheap postage, cheap postage).

Because the couriers in Australia Typically dont give concessions for small players, we have made the decision to take a hit on postage and offer discounts out of our margins. We know we have the best dog treats in Australia, but if nobody samples our products, or lands on our page, how will they ever know?

It is a shame that the best sites (the ones who care about their products and give you regular updated information on them, like what is in them) don’t end up at the top of G searches anymore, but that is ‘progress’. That is how the big search engines become rich – by promoting the sites that pay them by G ads – words.

I am expecting the launch of our new site to happen early next week.

I am also expecting many last minute things will be needed to be fixed on the fly so hoping that my web guy has cleared enough of his schedule to do this. I am sure you will be very pleasantly surprised by our new site and specials, let me know when you see it.


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