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Natural dog treats Australia V healthy dog treats

a happy natural dog treat eater

a happy natural dog treat eater There is so much poor advertising in every industry in Australia that dog treats are no exception.

Whether you feed your dog a commercial diet or a home-made dog food diet the vast majority of owners feed their dogs a lot more grains, wheats and vegetables than a dog was ever evolved to eat.  Your vet will tell you that its perfectly fine, and of course dogs survive, but our site is about more than survival its about dogs flourishing.

In fact this is why my ‘day job’ is being a dog walker.  I believe in getting ALL DOGS back to their healthiest state, and that means being well socialised and mostly eating meat.

I get that the first point is hard time wise and the second point is hard if you buy a commercial dog food – but that is exactly why we sell these meat based treats to the public !

Natural dog treats Australia V healthy dog treats

You will often see the term natural and healthy randomly inserted on dog treat packets.  And the reason they can do that is because there is no law against it, and because most dog food brands rarely put more than 30% meat into their products.

MY definition of natural is what a dog would eat in the wild, what a wolf would eat, and what my dog has preference for (because he is on a raw meat diet). My dog has about 20% grain in his diet for stool formation, but he always eats the pellets last, and he only east them if he is extremely hungry – and he is part cocker spaniel !

Natural would mean what a dog catches in the wild, it would be a meat based animal. It would be a food source in its most natural state without all the trace elements added to impress the humans.  So for us Natural means meat based with minimum additives of any kind.  Any treats we have that include grain will have a small amount of preservative to stop them going off, but that is the price that any treat or dog food pays for having grain. Our 100% meat dog treat range has 0% additives.

Healthy in the term healthy dog treats, means meat based, but also refers to meat because it is bio-available and much easier for dogs to digest.  Give a dog a lot of grain loading and their systems have to work a lot harder to strip nutrients out of the food source. If  a systems works harder it often makes more waste products that it needs to expel. And it takes energy from other important systems leaving them vulnerable to disease. A system working harder than it should every day puts stress on many parts of the dog’s body.

Now here’s the thing. You don’t have to believe any of this, but if you even suspect that do  might do better on a meat based dog treat (because most people by dog food based on the type of meat and big picture of meat on the packaging) – then why wouldn’t you consider premium yet discounted dog treats as the ideal food supplement, training treat, teeth cleaning, jaw strengthening kind of thing to buy ?? Its only natural and healthy, for real.


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