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Rawhide dog treats are no longer Natural


long-dog-chews You might have recently read about why rawhide dog treats are now considered bad for dogs but till still see many dog treat shops still selling them including supermarkets and dog stores.

But there are actually real natural dog treat alternatives – read on.

What is raw hide

Raw hide is essentially poor quality leather. It is usually the inner layer of cow or horse hides which is then cleaned cut ground and pressed together.  Like dog food (boring grain) raw hide usually has artificial flavours added to make it appealing.

The main original function of it was to provide a dog something to chew besides the furniture

Why is raw hide bad for dogs

Because it doesn’t usually get dissolved in a dogs gut and can either choke them while eating or block their intestine and kill them or cause an expensive operation.

The leather can sometimes have bad tanning chemicals still on it, or have artificial flavours added that are of no nutritional value either.

What replacement for raw hide

The function of raw hide is to make a bored puppy or adult dog have something to do when its bored because it has not been walked or spends 10 hours a day at home alone.

If you can’t walk your dog, there are many other ‘dog treats’ that are actually natural and good for a dog that they can have rather than the artificial cheap stuff that many non dog expert places will throw at you.

REAL natural dog treats

You might have guessed that our healthy dog treat site is all about NATURAL healthy dog treats.

As per our philosophy of providing owners and dogs meat and animal based dog treats, there are many better options to raw hide or compressed vegetable matter chews.

These are the kinds of things dogs would get from the animals they hunt and bring down. They are things like roo tendons, beef tendons, fish skins, bones, jerkies of all kinds.

The bigger the dog the harder the dog treat, so many people with powerful dogs opt for the hardest of bones. Just watch your dog the first few times you give them professionally dried bones (from our shop) to ensure that they can eat them safely unsupervised when you leave for work.

Because these natural dog treats are meat based they will gain the maximum nutrition from them.  They will be able to dissolve them, because we put minimal treatment on them, unlike the grain added to dog food.

If your dog requires big chewing, and you know that raw hide is no longer safe, then please consider the many hard chewing options that we can provide you!

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