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Kangaroo tail pieces dog treats – the occupier usage & teeth cleaning star – includes VIDEO

kangaroo tail pieces dog treat

kangaroo tail pieces dog treat

Kangaroo Tail pieces are probably one of the most IMPORTANT bones we sell, but also are one of the most unknown dog treats. Kangaroo Tail Pieces have many uses and should be considered a staple in your dog’s diet.

DOG TYPE – This is one of the great things about these bones. Because there is plenty of meat on them, with relatively easy access. ANY sized dog can chew between the bone blades to eat the meat, all the while cleaning their teeth! So, puppies up to very mature dogs can still get value out of this treat.

Kangaroo tail pieces – MAIN dog treat BENEFITS

It is hard to imagine a more perfect bone treat. A very experienced vet I know once told me how he believed one of the greatest ways to naturally clean a dog treat, was not the compressed green completely unnatural sticks they sold on the counter but were Lamb necks!

The issue with consuming lamb necks for some dogs is the size of the pieces and the high fat content. Hence why Kangaroo tail pieces are much better for your dog.

Kangaroo tail pieces are just individual vertebra of the roo’s tail aka individual BONE pieces. This means that they are a fraction of the size of most lamb necks and we sell them in bags of ten because they can be stored for a long time. However if ten is too much to just test them with your dog, you could trial the kangaroo tail pieces in the MEDIUM chewer pack.

The reason that they are so perfect, is that they usually have more meat on them than many other leg bone dog treats. Additionally, as the dog is eating the meat off the bone they are cleaning their teeth on the honeycomb-like structure. Unlike lamb necks, this bone smaller so your dog will not get fat when devouring this treat.

As a dog owner, I recommend these treats for all dogs because kangaroo meat is healthiest on earth as it is organic, low fat and high protein.

HOWEVER, if you have a big powerful chewing dog make sure your dog is a clever eater and is careful about what it puts into its mouth. This is because some dogs will not take the meat off the bone treats and this could cause dangerous for your dog’s health.



  • Meat protein
  • Organic
  • High in Omega 3
  • Low in saturated and total fats.
  • Small enough size to not over feed most dogs.
  • Excellent teeth cleaning potential


  • Big dogs can swallow the bone pieces if it is not a clever eater

CONCLUSION – As you will see from the accompanying video, kangaroo tail pieces often have a LOT of good quality kangaroo meat on them. And unlike jerkies, that will slow some dogs down with their chewing, these treats can occupy many dogs for a while longer, while covertly cleaning the dogs teeth! My final recommendation with bone treats is to always supervise your dog when they are eating them.

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