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Kangaroo Jerky dog treats – the hidden gem.


kangaroo-jerky-dog-treats Anyone with a passing interest in healthy meat based dog treats will have had a glance at Kangaroo meat, but many people don’t understand its exceptional value as a dog treat.

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While many people feed their dog a grain or veggie based diet (commercial dog food), it’s simpler for us to think that dogs like exactly what our diet is, and in meat that tends to be beef and chicken. If you have kept up with meat export news, you will know that beef prices have skyrocketed over the last few years because of Australian farmers exporting some of the best stuff overseas, especially China.

Why Kangaroo Jerky dog treats are still affordable, for a while

However, the kangaroo meat market still is very undeveloped.  For a while exports to Russia kept Roo meat prices high in Australia, but when that folded in 2014 farmers aimed their marketing at China. It’s easy to see that if the Chinese people or other countries accept Australia’s kangaroo meat to be as tasty as beef, then Kangaroo meat will also be in for a steep price hike.

The value for Australian dog owners is that its not always easy to change perceptions of a whole country. While Aussies reach for what they know too, like anything beef, Roo meat dog treats also remain a relatively undeveloped market, which helps to keep prices stable.

We sell a lot of the longer chewing kangaroo products like Roo tendons and roo cartilage, even Roo bones, so the very curious thing is why owners don’t go for a good chewing, organic, low fat meat like Kangaroo Jerky? At a similar price to Beef Jerky and Chicken Jerky, it provides a low fat option that also has a very different amino acid profile. And like many things, diversity in diet, and in this case your meat protein selection, is important to the health of your dog.

Feeding your dog the same thing over and over, will not only bore them, but it will provide atrophy to their taste buds and even provide a health risk. Some people are concerned that changing diet might cause loose stools for a while, but how many owners eat the same cereal for breakfast and meat loaf for dinner EVERY day ?  If your dog has loose stool, its worth persevering, they rarely last for long.

While I am also a big fan of every other kangaroo meat dog treat product we stock, it amazes me how many people overlook the 100% meat option of Kangaroo Jerky.  Kangaroos are not domesticated or commercially farmed, they are culled at about one-third of the total allowance by all the combined state governments of Australia.

IF we don’t use all of the stock that is culled, it gets wasted. There are so many incredible Green and healthy reasons to utilise kangaroo meat in Australia, it is a shame and almost a crime that we don’t consume more of it ourselves, or in the very least consider it as a regular staple in our dog’s diet.

If you are disinterested in raw feeding or cooking kangaroo meat in your own kitchen, our Kangaroo Jerky dog treats are seriously the perfect still affordable solution. Don’t wait until we export them all before you pick up the healthiest trend around.

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