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Kangaroo Bone dog treat – Major chew and VIDEO preview

kangaroo bone dog treat

kangaroo bone dog treat Kangaroo bones are Great for small and medium dogs that just want to chew the end of the bone and for the VERY big chewers because it is one of the hardest bones around. Being a natural resource that we don’t spend resources on farming … it provides exceptional value for many dog owners

Kangaroo bone dog treat MAIN BENEFITS

As you can imagine, bones are not on the top of every owners list. Care must be taken to ensure that your dog is the kind that knows ‘how to’ safely eat bones. But if you have a sensible eater, these bones can be a real boon.

You will see from an earlier video we took a few years ago of Shine the rottie eating the bone, they took 15 minutes to eat the WHOLE bone from start to finish, three times as long as a sizable pork bone.  Now shine was at the top of his power of chewing being a prime age rottweiler, so that is not expected of EVERY dog.

You should also note that as part of a long standing government initiative to create a sustainable roo population number, Kangaroo quotas of one million rarely reach one third actually culled. The process is to stop wild roo starvation as the mob over-breeds. Without using these bones in the dog treat market, they would be wasted.


Earlier we mentioned that they can be use don all sizes of dogs. The reason is that medium sized dogs, with soft jaws can have some interest in eating the softer end pieces of the bone, but dues to its hardness being much higher than farmed bones such as lamb, pork or beef, they are unlikely to have the power to break large pieces of bone off.

As for the power chewers, giving them an easy eating bone like pork, won’t have them be satisfied in the task for long. Owners of sensible eating large dogs expect that a bone will occupy their dogs for a while, at least the Roo bone is likely to slow them down for the longest time, AND if they get to the marrow, it will have very satisfying saturated fats in it, but also higher level of the healthy Omega 3 fats.

PROS – this is clearly an ‘occupier treat’.  When dogs get bored people want to occupy their dog, and this will last the longest with medium and even big dogs

CONS – some people just don’t like their dogs eating bones. When animal bones (larger ones) are dried to the correct level, they don’t go mould and they don’t super splinter. If your dog has no regard for its health and easily breaks open large bones, you may want to supervise them eating this treat.


The kangaroo bone is not for the faint-hearted. It is an organic, natural super treat, ideal for the super big chewer and even smaller dogs to occupy them with chewing the end off.

If you are not sure, then supervise your dogs eating potentially more risky pieces.

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