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If you are going to feed your dog yogurt or carob dog treats, leave it to the experts.

Yogurt dog treats the best

Yogurt dog treat disclaimer

My dog has never been a fan of  Yogurt dog treats or Carob dog treats.

This plus the fact that I feed him on a raw meat diet with minimal vegetables might give you a hint why I tend not to feed him dog treats that are anything but meat.

But then I thought about what other websites might be done with these kinds of treats, and like most people, I went to google.

WE are not a generic stock and sell everything to do with any animal and have no duty of care kind of store.

If you search for yogurt dog treats – besides googles own store of products, they typically don’t allow other online stores to rank – don’t like the competition for their paying customers it seems.

Yes besides Google’s paying customers, the highest ranking Google dog treat sites are all about recipes for making yogurt types of treats for dogs.

What is wrong with making yogurt dog treats?

Nothing if you like fun, mess and not the healthiest dog treat for your dog.

That might seem judgemental but is actually factual.

What the recipes (mostly written by marketers who have never researched dog nutrition) typically have is something like add “4 cups yogurt (flavoured or plain, non fat if needed).”

The problem with this is it’s written like a yogurt treat for a human with no understanding or real care for your dog.

What does yogurt provide for your dog? Well, Blackdog yogurt drops provides yogurt powder that has sufficient good bacteria to make the treat actually healthy for your dog. Blackdog was founded by people who worked in the dairy industry and understand the importance of lactose free milk for dogs and cats as a calcium source,

Similarly, they make sure that the yogurt is lactose free (or that there is no added milk powder that has lactose in it) since most dogs and cats like many humans have a bad digestion reaction to the lactose sugar (milk from cows).

The previous recipe by a random dog site said ” flavoured or plain, non fat if needed” with no understanding that the yogurt flavouring can harm some dogs, and plain yogurt can contain lactose.  A dog requires a certain level of fat in its diet, so low fat (unnatural levels) can actually be bad for many dogs.

What’s wrong  with Cesar recipe for yogurt drops

I have valued Cesar for his dog training techniques that I see as mostly positive, and not harming the dog, actually understanding dog behaviour than many local trainers who like to bag him to get themselves noticed.  But his dog treat sections on his website show a clear lack of any nutrition understanding- which to be fair are written by people his company hires, he might not even read them.

Apparently the reason that they provide dog treat advice on their site is that you can” Control what goes into the recipe. You can ensure that your pet is getting a nutritious and wholesome snack. ”

The ‘leftover mix’ says you include random meat, potatoes, vegetables and fruit. No mention of the proportions or why they need more vegetable matter considering that they are getting 70 -80% carbs in regular dog food!

The ‘ Frozen peanut butter yogurt dog treats’ says that it is “The perfect snack to cool your pet down after a vigorous play session.”  Note there is NO meat in this heading, and they actually don’t have any ingredients listed or how to combine them, apparently, just buy any old yogurt and peanut butter and chuck it together.

The reason Blackdog yogurt drops are the healthiest form is that this company ONLY makes dog treats, and they have a background of coming from the food industry. They only use quality ingredients and they stand behind the product they make, If there is an ingredient in the product, it is there because it is necessary, they prefer using the bare minimum of ingredients to reduce allergies and side affects – they don’t use additives.

Regardless of my high meat percentage requirement for my own dog, there are many people who buy yogurt and carob dog treats from our site – because they trust the brand, we are one of the best prices around and our service is legendary.

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