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Home made dog treats or Natural dog treats are NOT all healthy

natural dog treats DOGS

natural dog treats DOGS Natural dog treats should have meat as the main ingredient

If you found a shop or an online store stating that their dog treats were the healthiest and their advertising was there to convince you that you were making the best nutrition choice for your dog – you would probably want them to be telling the truth. But the sad fact is that most people and manufacturers don’t either know what dog nutrition means, or what is actually healthy for a dog. Consider the statement below to see what is wrong with much of the dog treat industry.

If you found a sign that included the below text, you might be inclined to agree, but its not all about what’s NOT in the dog treats – how about what is in them as well?

if you see a sign that says: “100% natural human grade ingredients. Soy Free, Egg free, corn free with no artificial colourings, no added preservatives & no added sugar or salt.”

You might be inclined to think that they are really going the extra kilometre for your dog. But the devil is in the detail or omission. What the above statement is written for is to appeal to humans for a human diet. All the things above are things we may have read about on facebook about what causes allergies or digestions issues in humans and children in particular.

Here is a hint with what is wrong with the above statement. Humans are omnivores and dogs are carnivores (as are domestic cats).

Breaking down the regular homemade dog treat or bakery dog treat statement

“100% natural human grade ingredients.” is fine, except it doesn’t mention meat anywhere in the statement and meat should be about 80% plus of any dog food or dog treat you give to your dog on a regular basis.

” Soy Free, Egg free, corn free”  If you accept that your dog is a carnivore, then soy free and corn free is great – but it should really be GRAIN FREE.  Dogs are not rabbits or herbivores or omnivores to any real extent. And eggs are actually very good for dogs!  You will find another article on my site that explains about the proteins found in the egg yolk and egg white and how many eggs you should feed your dog per week, and why (from a science view, not from an advertising perspective).

“no artificial colourings, no added preservatives” This suggests that there are “natural” colourings. If a colouring is approved for use with humans, it should be ok for use with dog food. It is used in tiny amounts and should only provide a dye, not any toxins. The lack of preservatives, in a grain food either means that it is very sterile or that it will spoil quickly.

” no added sugar or salt.” Again all commendable, but what about the meat content.

By law in Australia and many places in the world companies do not need to give the percentage of the ingredients in the can or packet. They give the order that the ingredients are there by volume, but if you have raw meat as the first ingredient its true value will be inflated by times three – since water makes up 75% of meat.  Then you have meat by products and many forms of meat and animals that are not quality meat or offal. Good in small doses, if cleaned and disease free, but you will never know, you just have to trust the source of the dog treats.

The list above and most biscuits do not include any meat or animal products, which is the opposite of what real healthy and natural dog food or dog treats should be.

Bakeries don’t use meat in dog treats, because they know how to cook grains, and grains are much cheaper than meat. There are less safety issues with cooking and drying grain correctly rather than meat. All you need to do is add the words healthy and natural and not include the word meat and by perfect omission and smoke and mirrors the general public are fooled.

Don’t be fooled, our site is about quality meat based dog treats, at affordable prices. the main ingredient in everything but biscuits is MEAT. Meat for carnivore dogs, meat for meat proteins. meat for grain based dog food supplements. WE sell the true HEALTHY DOG TREATS.


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