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Beef Cubes 100g

Beef in all its aerated cubed glory

Sales price: $ 6.75

Beef Cubes 500g

Light crunchy beef cubes in bulk!

Sales price: $ 29.95

Beef Liver 1Kg

The most prized, highest taste training...

Sales price: $ 22.95

Beef Liver 200g

Irresistible high iron beef liver dog...

Sales price: $ 6.95

Beef Liver 500g

The most prized, highest taste training...

Sales price: $ 13.95

Beef Puff 100 g

Crunchy 100% beef cow lung

Sales price: $ 4.75

Beef Puff 500g

100% Beef puff, light & crunchy

Sales price: $ 19.95

BEEF Sticks LONG x10

Black Angus BEEF sticks/ cheese 27cm...

Sales price: $ 19.95

Carob Buttons 250g

Carob – the substitute ‘dog chocolate’.

Sales price: $ 7.45

Chicken Crinkles 200g

Crunchy rectangles of chicken dog treat

Sales price: $ 5.85

Chicken Crinkles 500g

Crunchy rectangles of 85% chicken

Sales price: $ 12.95

Chicken Meat Ball 500g

Perfect for Treat balls or...

Sales price: $ 12.95

Chicken Meat Balls 200g

All of the chicken in crunchy big balls!

Sales price: $ 5.85


Chicken sticks, soft, 27cm long,...

Sales price: $ 19.95

Chicken Sticks x6

Chicken 13cm long (200g), irresistible!

Sales price: $ 6.95

Duck Jerky - 120g

Add an exotic duck protein to your...

Sales price: $ 8.95

Green Lipped Mussels 100g

High Omega 3, no additives, lovely

Sales price: $ 18.95

Green Lipped Mussels Morsels 80g

Perfect joint support value

Sales price: $ 13.95

Hoki (Blue Grenadier) 200g

A very Healthy Aussie fish

Sales price: $ 17.95

Hoki (Blue Grenadier) 500g

High quality aussie fish treat

Sales price: $ 37.95

Hoki morsels 100g

Pure nutrition morsels.

Sales price: $ 7.55

Kangaroo Crinkles - 1kg

Tasty Kangaroo in a light Waffle form.

Sales price: $ 23.65

Kangaroo Crinkles 200g

Little waffles of Roo rectangles

Sales price: $ 5.85

Kangaroo Crinkles 500g

Little Rectangles of Roo delight

Sales price: $ 12.95

Kangaroo Jerky SML Pc 200g

Small pcs 100% kangaroo meat

Sales price: $ 11.95

Kangaroo Jerky SML Pc 500g

Small pcs of 100% kangaroo

Sales price: $ 27.95

Kangaroo Liver 500g

Kangaroo low fat training treat

Sales price: $ 21.95

Kangaroo Meat Balls 200g

Crunchy, chunky kangaroo meat balls!

Sales price: $ 5.85

Kangaroo Sticks x10 (500g)

Kangaroo sticks, soft, 27cm long,...

Sales price: $ 19.95

KangaRoo Sticks x6 10cm

Delicious 15cm sticks, 200g+

Sales price: $ 6.95

Lamb Puff Cubes 100g

Lovely Lamb Crunchy Cubes

Sales price: $ 7.95

Lamb Puff Cubes 500g

Airy, light, crunchy, delicious lamb

Sales price: $ 32.95

Lamb Sticks LONG x10

Lamb sticks, soft 27cm long,...

Sales price: $ 19.95

Lamb Sticks x6

Lamb sticks, 12cm long, 80% meat!

Sales price: $ 6.95

Mini Beef Biscuits 200g

They love it in meat form & as a beef...

Sales price: $ 2.95

Mini Charcoal Biscuits 200g

A very healthy and tasty biscuit dog...

Sales price: $ 2.95

Mini Cheese Biscuits 200g

Cheese glorious cheese, irresistible...

Sales price: $ 2.95

Sardines 100g

Quality protein for ALL dogs.

Sales price: $ 10.55


The best of the best dog treat combo

Sales price: $ 8.95

Yoghurt Drops 250g

Seriously good, tasty, healthy yogurt...

Sales price: $ 7.45