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Australian Chicken Breast 1Kg

100% Australian Chicken Breast dog treat

Sales price: $ 53.95

Australian Chicken Breast 500g

100% Aussie Chicken Breast

Sales price: $ 29.95

Beef Bully Sticks 1Kg

Beef Bully Sticks BULK SAVING upto 30cm

Sales price: $ 84.95

Beef Bully Sticks 500g

Beef Bully Sticks upto 30cm long -...

Sales price: $ 52.95

Beef Bully Sticks SHORT 1Kg

Beef Bully Sticks 15 cm BULK saving.

Sales price: $ 84.95

Beef Bully Sticks SHORT 500g

Beef Bully Sticks 15 cm approx.

Sales price: $ 52.95

Beef Bully Sticks Steers 1Kg

25 cm long regular tan colour BULK

Sales price: $ 75.95

Beef Bully Sticks Steers 500g

30 cm long regular tan colour CHEWING

Sales price: $ 46.95

Beef Jerky - 500g

The premium beef dog treat! Handy 500g...

Sales price: $ 26.95

Beef Jerky 1Kg

The premium beef dog treat! Long...

Sales price: $ 47.95

Chicken Breast Fillets 1kg

Chicken Breast. Blackdog brand

Sales price: $ 55.95

Chicken Breast Fillets 500g

Chicken Breast natural by Blackdog

Sales price: $ 31.95

Chicken Filled Pork Twist 500g

Long chewing bulk saving pork

Sales price: $ 30.95

Chicken Filled Pork Twist x2

Lovely for small/med dogs

Sales price: $ 5.45

Chicken Filled Pork Twist 1kg

Tightly wound pigskin wrapped with...

Sales price: $ 55.95

Chicken Skewers 1kg

Real Chicken & Bulk saving crunch

Sales price: $ 51.95

Duck Jerky 500g

Extremely irresistible bulk duck

Sales price: $ 32.95

Flake Fillets 1kg

Bruce's BULK flake fillets, the best...

Sales price: $ 63.95

Flake Fillets 500g

Bruce's BULK flake fillets, BULK SAVINGS

Sales price: $ 36.95


4x 1 kg Premium Permanently discounted...

Sales price: $ 199.95

Kangaroo Cartilage 1 Kg

100% organic roo dog treat savings

Sales price: $ 63.95

Kangaroo Cartilage 500g

Fantastic organic ROO dog chew

Sales price: $ 35.95

Kangaroo Jerky LONG 1Kg

Longest chewing 100% roo meat treat

Sales price: $ 51.95

Kangaroo Jerky LONG 500g

Long chewing, high health

Sales price: $ 29.95

Kangaroo Ribs 1 Kg

Great bone chewing with BULK savings

Sales price: $ 38.95

Kangaroo Ribs 500g

Good chewing for all size dogs

Sales price: $ 22.95

Kangaroo Tail Bone Pieces x10

10 Chunks of tasty roo bone

Sales price: $ 16.95

Kangaroo Tendons 1 Kg

The Best quality Tendons in Aus !

Sales price: $ 84.95

Kangaroo Tendons 500g

Highest quality in Australia!

Sales price: $ 49.95

Kangaroo Tendons FLAT 1 Kg

Premium & bulk, our most economical!

Sales price: $ 79.95

Kangaroo Tendons FLAT 500g

Organic, Low Fat, classic ...

Sales price: $ 45.95

Lamb Bones x5

Lovely lamb bones in Bulk

Sales price: $ 7.95

Lamb Neck

The most meaty lamb bone we sell.

Sales price: $ 4.85

Lamb Necks x5

The meatiest most pleasurable lamb bone

Sales price: $ 19.95

Ling Fish Skins 1 Kg

Great texture, Low fat !

Sales price: $ 67.95

Ling Fish Skins 500g

LING = Great texture, Low fat !

Sales price: $ 36.95

MEDIUM CHEWER Sampler Pack 400g

Medium dogs LOW FAT & high chewing

Sales price: $ 25.95

Pig Snouts x 15

For the Dog Pork Connoisseur

Sales price: $ 19.95

Pig Snouts x 5

Chewy, easy, delectable pork

Sales price: $ 7.45

Pigs Ear Strips 1 Kg

Tasty quality bulk pigs ear strips

Sales price: $ 44.95

Pigs Ear Strips 500g

The best small dog chewer

Sales price: $ 25.45

Pigs Ears x5

AUSSIE Pigs ears typ 130g

Sales price: $ 16.95

Pork Bone

The most popular bone at markets.

Sales price: $ 2.35

PORK Bone x5

Love Pork bones? Save in Bulk

Sales price: $ 10.45

Pork Twists 1Kg

Yummy Pork twist roll, tightly wrapped,...

Sales price: $ 34.95

Pork Twists 500g

tasty pork hide/rind

Sales price: $ 19.45

Pork Twists x2

Two rolls of tasty pork hide, approx...

Sales price: $ 3.45

Salmon Skins 100g

Low fat, high quality Aussie chew

Sales price: $ 10.95

Salmon Skins 1Kg

Best fish, best skin treat

Sales price: $ 75.95

Salmon Skins 500g

Premium chew, high Omega 3

Sales price: $ 43.95

Shark Cartilage 1Kg

Tasty chew in a fish variety ..

Sales price: $ 53.95

Shark Cartilage 500g

Best Joint support around.

Sales price: $ 31.95

Shark Skin 1Kg

LOW Fat, crunchy treat

Sales price: $ 63.95

Shark Skin 500g

Very light, crunchy chew

Sales price: $ 37.95

Shark Skin 80g

Low fat crunchy chew

Sales price: $ 6.95

SQUID Jerky 1Kg

100% Squid Bulk savings

Sales price: $ 76.95

SQUID Jerky 500g

100% Squid, aussie pure.

Sales price: $ 43.95