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Chicken Crinkles 200g

Crunchy rectangles of chicken dog treat

Sales price: $ 5.85

Chicken Crinkles 500g

Crunchy rectangles of 85% chicken

Sales price: $ 12.95

Chicken Discs 150g

Chicken in a chewy chicken disc

Sales price: $ 9.45

Chicken Discs 1kg

Chicken in an easy to eat disc dog treat

Sales price: $ 45.95

Chicken Discs 500g

Little Hard Chicken discs

Sales price: $ 25.95

Chicken Filled Pork Twist 500g

Long chewing bulk saving pork

Sales price: $ 30.95

Chicken Filled Pork Twist x2

Lovely for small/med dogs

Sales price: $ 5.45

Chicken Filled Pork Twist 1kg

Tightly wound pigskin wrapped with...

Sales price: $ 55.95

Chicken Meat Ball 1kg

Incredible value & chicken as tasty as...

Sales price: $ 23.65

Chicken Meat Ball 500g

Perfect for Treat balls or...

Sales price: $ 12.95

Chicken Meat Balls 200g

All of the chicken in crunchy big balls!

Sales price: $ 5.85

Chicken Skewers 1kg

Real Chicken & Bulk saving crunch

Sales price: $ 51.95

Chicken Skewers 200g

Chicken skewered onto edible sticks....

Sales price: $ 13.95

Chicken Skewers 500g

Real Chicken Breast on crunchy sticks

Sales price: $ 29.95


Chicken sticks, soft, 27cm long,...

Sales price: $ 19.95

Chicken Sticks x25, approx 1.5Kg

25 chunky succulent chicken sticks.

Sales price: $ 43.95

Chicken Sticks x6

Chicken 13cm long (200g), irresistible!

Sales price: $ 6.95

Christmas Gourmet Fish Pack 210g

Christmas all year round!

Sales price: $ 29.95


Easiest, cheapest way to sample 5 of...

Sales price: $ 33.80

Cow Hooves Roo meat filled x2

Long chewing nutritious

Sales price: $ 8.45

Cow Hooves Roo meat filled x5

Aussie Long chewing nutritious

Sales price: $ 17.95

Cow Hooves x 20

Cow hooves BULK long chew

Sales price: $ 34.95

Cow Hooves x5

Cow hooves LONG chew delight

Sales price: $ 12.95

Crocodile Feet 150g

100% Croc Feet, exotic crunchy!

Sales price: $ 27.95

Crocodile Feet 300g

100% Aussie Croc Feet, Primo!

Sales price: $ 43.95

Crocodile Leg BONES 250g

Croc bone Premium Nutrition

Sales price: $ 31.95

Crocodile Leg BONES 500g

Croc hard bone BULK saving

Sales price: $ 53.95

Crocodile Tail Bone Pcs 1Kg

MEATY croc bones!

Sales price: $ 85.95

Crocodile Tail Bone Pcs 500g

Croc bones!

Sales price: $ 53.95

Duck Jerky - 120g

Add an exotic duck protein to your...

Sales price: $ 8.95

Duck Jerky 1kg

Add an exotic duck treat that's cheap!

Sales price: $ 56.95

Duck Jerky 500g

Extremely irresistible bulk duck

Sales price: $ 32.95

Flake Fillets 100g

Bruce's Flake (shark) meat for a happy...

Sales price: $ 8.55

Flake Fillets 1kg

Bruce's BULK flake fillets, the best...

Sales price: $ 63.95

Flake Fillets 500g

Bruce's BULK flake fillets, BULK SAVINGS

Sales price: $ 36.95

Green Lipped Mussels 100g

High Omega 3, no additives, lovely

Sales price: $ 18.95

Green Lipped Mussels 1Kg

The most nutrition packed dog treat

Sales price: $ 117.95

Green Lipped Mussels 500g

Superfood for your dog!

Sales price: $ 79.95

Green Lipped Mussels Morsels 80g

Perfect joint support value

Sales price: $ 13.95


4x 1 kg Premium Permanently discounted...

Sales price: $ 199.95