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Beef Bully Sticks Short X-LG 1Kg

THICK & SHORT, bulk savings

Sales price: $ 97.95

Beef Bully Sticks Short X-LG 500g

SHORT THICK, Still a big challenge

Sales price: $ 57.95

Beef Bully Sticks X-LARGE 1Kg

Beef Bully Sticks JUMBO THICK & savings

Sales price: $ 97.95

Beef Bully Sticks X-Large 500g

Beef Bully Sticks THICK For the BIGGEST...

Sales price: $ 57.95

Beef Shank Bone x5

LONG lasting chewing x5

Sales price: $ 11.95

Beef Shin/Clod Bone MASSIVE Kg+

A MASSIVE Beef Bone Treat

Sales price: $ 8.95

Beef Tendon x5

Hard long chewing beef treat

Sales price: $ 20.95

BIG CHEWER Sampler Pack 500g

BIG CHEWING dogs challenge & teeth...

Sales price: $ 29.95

Cow Hooves x 20

Cow hooves BULK long chew

Sales price: $ 34.95

Cow Hooves x5

Cow hooves LONG chew delight

Sales price: $ 12.95

Crocodile HIND Leg BONES 1 Kg

Croc hard bone BULK saving

Sales price: $ 79.95

Crocodile HIND Leg BONES 500g

Croc hard bone Premium challenge

Sales price: $ 43.95

Kangaroo Clod Bone

Lean roo leg bone, V. LONG chewing

Sales price: $ 4.45

Kangaroo Clod Bones x5

Bulk Roo Bones Bonanza !

Sales price: $ 18.95

Pigs Ears x10

AUSSIE long chewing pigs ears x10

Sales price: $ 29.95

Pigs Ears x5

AUSSIE Pigs ears typ 130g

Sales price: $ 16.95

Pork Roll JUMBO x2

LONG LASTING - like a giant pigs ear,...

Sales price: $ 8.45

Pork Rolls JUMBO x10

The longest chewing pork treat around.

Sales price: $ 37.95