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Aussie Chicken Breast 200g

100% Aussie Chicken Breast treats!

Sales price: $ 13.45

Chicken Breast Fillet 120g

The best piece of chicken, just for...

Sales price: $ 8.45

Chicken Crinkles 200g

Crunchy rectangles of chicken dog treat

Sales price: $ 5.85

Chicken Discs 150g

Chicken in a chewy chicken disc

Sales price: $ 9.45

Chicken Liver 200g

High value nutrition

Sales price: $ 7.95

Chicken Meat Balls 200g

All of the chicken in crunchy big balls!

Sales price: $ 5.85

Chicken Skewers 200g

Chicken skewered onto edible sticks....

Sales price: $ 13.95

Chicken Sticks x6

Chicken 13cm long (200g), irresistible!

Sales price: $ 6.95

Duck Jerky - 120g

Add an exotic duck protein to your...

Sales price: $ 8.95