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About Us – Healthy Dog Treats

Healthy Dog Treats Mission

Healthy Dog Treats is not just a name, its a philosophy that your dog deserves the type of food that it would get in the wild. That is the healthiest food a dog can eat.

Hi, my name is Bruce Dwyer and I created the Healthy Dog Treat Shop. My original qualification & employment was as an electronic engineer, then I gained an MBA. From my previous corporate work (before becoming a professional dog walker in 2010). I gained all of the required research & analysis skills required to understand nutritional tables, and amino acid profiles beyond what most supposed canine nutritional experts understand.

Make no mistake, I don’t just sell dog treats, dogs and dog health are my life.

That is what I have used to create the many ‘ideal dog diet’ articles on this site. I have talked to ‘the experts’ globally, and have seen what the aafco rules say about ‘dog food’. And from my analysis I can see that a raw meat based diet, with a small vitamin supplement is the healthiest dog diet in the world.

A proper raw diet is meat based and high in meat proteins as well as the minerals and vitamins that dog’s need. The excellent protein profile is why meat is added to manufactured dog food at all.

The issue with a raw meat (offal and bone) dog diet is that it takes time to prepare meals, you need to know what components to put together and in the right proportions.

This is probably why (besides the very persuasive advertising) that most people (97% plus in Australia) use a manufactured dog food diet for their dogs. Its convenient and sometimes cost effective, but it has VERY LITTLE MEAT in it (often as low as 20%).

Happy healthy Archie dog

Dogs don’t have the digestion system to easily extract nutrition from these filler (grain) components. Grains have very few of the amino acids (protein components) or minerals in sufficient quantity to be of value to a dog. That is why they have other protein (meat) in the bags at all and a massive amount of minerals and vitamins added to them.

Just read the label on your dog food packet and see how many vitamins and minerals have to be added to reach the minimum aafco requirements! This is what happens when a bag is mostly carbs.

Dogs evolved from wolves only 15,000- 25,000 years ago, and their digestion is essentially the same as the wolf. DOGS NEED MEAT.  And much more than they recieve on ANY commercial diet.

This is why meat based dog treats are an excellent Training tool, Treat & Meal supplement.

The following video shows lovely dogs on my dog walks enjoying some of the treats I sell ..

Dog health is my passion, and in particular a healthy dog die. This has led me to supplying these premium meat based dog treats, at affordable prices to you.

I source dog treats from a local Melbourne dog treat manufacturer, Blackdog. They use beef, chicken, kangaroo, pork in various proportions to create the most natural, healthy, meat based treats that you can find in Australia.

If you want some good reasons why you should buy your treats through me, here they are:

• Meat based treats (typically 85% min) – low in grain /vegetable
• 100% meat Jerkies – the ultimate dog treat and food
• Very Low in salt / low or no preservatives & no added sugar
• Online shopping convenience at highly competitive prices
• Higher SAVINGS by buying healthy dog treats in bulk (1 Kg)

I cannot stress enough the value of providing a variety of high meat content dog treats to your dog for their overall health as well as enjoyment. Now all you have to do is work out what variety of meats you want to provide your dog and the textures.

May your dog always eat healthy and have a very long & happy life!

Bruce Dwyer

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