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Healthy dog treats – Learning from our customer’s thoughts on smells.


happy-dog Large corporations like to hide their mistakes and any concern that customers raise in case it goes viral. However, at healthy dog treats, we like to think that every customer interaction is a learning lesson (for us and them), and sometimes highlights what we need to do in furthering the education of our customers.

I will give you the learning lesson up front.  We sell meat based dog treats. REAL MEAT. Real meat has meat types of odour, and because the jerkies and the like are 100% meat, they have a concentrated smell (ie the 75% water content has been extracted increasing the smell by 3 – 4 times).

Many people may find the smell of fish products etc objectionable because they have sensitive noses, but for a dog, this is usually a sign that they are getting the real thing, As opposed to a faked dog treat (bag of wheat) with artificial meat and flavour.  If you don’t like the smell of real meat … then you may need to hold your nose will feeding your dog the greatest healthy dog treats on earth (what we sell).

Here are some of the ‘interesting’ comments we have received and what we think is actually happening:

“Totally disappointed with the smell of this product.”

This is code for, it smells like meat or fish, and not like the bland fake dog treats we get from the supermarket. If you buy a meat dog treat and can hardly smell it, then you most likely have bought a very over-processed dog treat or one that doesn’t have a lot of meat in it.  Dogs have up to 10,000 times the smell capability of humans. Dogs are scent driven. Most dogs love our treats!

If your dog doesn’t INITIALLY like a meat based dog treat, it might be because they have not had a lot of 100% meat (in dried form) before. Yes, even dogs can take some time adjusting to the real thing, the most natural thing, and the thing they were evolved to eat. Feeding a dog a pellet diet (grain) for a long time will purposely dull a dog’s taste buds, that’s what the dog food makers want to have happened. Only have tastebuds geared for their specific low meat product.

And yes there are science papers written about this method of locking your dog into a specific type or brand of dog food. Feeding your dog an artificially created low meat food is meant to have them lose their tastebud sensitivity to the real thing. This is the very reason we strongly recommend feeding your dog real meat (in wet or dried form) as soon as you can.

“The dog likes them but, .. but I have never seen him dislike anything.”

Sometimes we are not sure what a customer really means.

“I cannot understand why a product that is so expensive would stink so badly.”

Ironically this customer used a coupon to get this healthy dog treat on discount. The dog treat was already cheaper than most of the comparable dog treats, BEFORE the coupon. They probably haven’t bought real meat treats before and think that the cardboard soaked in artificial flavours variety form the supermarket is good for their dog because their dog ‘loves it’.  Don’t be confused with massive companies fooling your dog’s senses, they spend years and millions perfecting their artificial formulas.

Did you know that real fish treats do have a strong fish smell to them?.

We buy our dog treats very regularly from our supplier having a ‘just in time’ logistics policy.  We don’t store a massive amount of treats as our company philosophy is to get treats to our clients as fresh as possible. Even though they will usually last over a year in the pantry, we go to exception lengths to ensure that your dog gets the best.  And that includes on price.  If our meat dog treats seem expenses, it is because they are the best, and use REAL MEAT, which is expensive.

But in fact, we are cheaper than the majority of dog treat places you will find online or in physical stores.  BE very concerned if your meat dog treat doesn’t have an overpowering smell after it has been wrapped in a plastic bag and transported. You might have just been ripped off!

SO in summary

If you doubt this, try drying these meats at home. Make sure you dry them to perfection (slow drying) like our suppliers do, then bag them and open them up a week later.

If your experiment has a very mild smell, you are probably doing it wrong.

After your dogs have eaten our treats for a while, the scent of them will very much activate their primal senses to enjoy their food to the max. This is how nature intended – not as a laboratory and large corporation did.

We make no apology for our  meat based dog treats, smelling like …. meat.

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