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Christmas Gourmet Fish Pack 210g

Christmas all year round!

Sales price: $ 29.95

Flake Fillets 100g

Bruce's Flake (shark) meat for a happy...

Sales price: $ 8.55

Flake Fillets 1kg

Bruce's BULK flake fillets, the best...

Sales price: $ 63.95

Flake Fillets 500g

Bruce's BULK flake fillets, BULK SAVINGS

Sales price: $ 36.95

Green Lipped Mussels 100g

High Omega 3, no additives, lovely

Sales price: $ 18.95

Green Lipped Mussels 1Kg

The most nutrition packed dog treat

Sales price: $ 117.95

Green Lipped Mussels 500g

Superfood for your dog!

Sales price: $ 79.95

Green Lipped Mussels Morsels 80g

Perfect joint support value

Sales price: $ 13.95

Hoki (Blue Grenadier) 1 Kg

High quality protein & Oil in 1.

Sales price: $ 63.95

Hoki (Blue Grenadier) 200g

A very Healthy Aussie fish

Sales price: $ 17.95

Hoki (Blue Grenadier) 500g

High quality aussie fish treat

Sales price: $ 37.95

Hoki morsels 100g

Pure nutrition morsels.

Sales price: $ 7.55

Ling Fish Skins 1 Kg

Great texture, Low fat !

Sales price: $ 67.95

Ling Fish Skins 200g

High Protein, Low fat !

Sales price: $ 17.95

Ling Fish Skins 500g

LING = Great texture, Low fat !

Sales price: $ 36.95

Salmon Skins 100g

Low fat, high quality Aussie chew

Sales price: $ 10.95

Salmon Skins 1Kg

Best fish, best skin treat

Sales price: $ 75.95

Salmon Skins 500g

Premium chew, high Omega 3

Sales price: $ 43.95

Sardines 100g

Quality protein for ALL dogs.

Sales price: $ 10.55

Sardines 1Kg

Ideal fish dog treats

Sales price: $ 73.95

Sardines 500g

Easy chewing, High Omega 3

Sales price: $ 43.95

Shark Cartilage 100g

Bruce's Hard Chewy healthy fish...

Sales price: $ 7.55

Shark Cartilage 1Kg

Tasty chew in a fish variety ..

Sales price: $ 53.95

Shark Cartilage 500g

Best Joint support around.

Sales price: $ 31.95

Shark Cartilage Powder 200g

Joint support, arthritis relief

Sales price: $ 19.95

Shark Cartilage WIDE 150g

Joint support BIG dog chew

Sales price: $ 11.55

Shark Cartilage WIDE 500g

BIG dog Bulk savings

Sales price: $ 31.95

Shark Skin 1Kg

LOW Fat, crunchy treat

Sales price: $ 63.95

Shark Skin 500g

Very light, crunchy chew

Sales price: $ 37.95

Shark Skin 80g

Low fat crunchy chew

Sales price: $ 6.95

SQUID Jerky 100g

100% Squid, 100% Healthy!

Sales price: $ 10.95

SQUID Jerky 1Kg

100% Squid Bulk savings

Sales price: $ 76.95

SQUID Jerky 500g

100% Squid, aussie pure.

Sales price: $ 43.95