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English Staffordshire terriers, Zara & Molly playing in Spotswood Quarantine VIDEO

molly & Zara english staffys

Zara and Molly were two very interesting English Staffordshire terriers that I recently minded at aqis customs. You will see from the lush green grass that this was before the proper start of summer.

In this clip you will see interesting bonding behaviour. Zara (larger brown staffy) was definitely the most settled of the pair, and Molly took most of her behaviour cues from her.

If you have ever owned a staffy you will know that they often like to play rough, and that is ideally done with another staffy that hopefully understands that it is still all about play. Of course this is only a snap shot of their 30 day quarantine stay, but it gives you a pretty good indication of how much these dogs are friends, and how much more energy Molly has. Albeit mostly nervous energy.

The real value for Molly in this relationship is that Zara acts as her rock. Molly follows Zara around and sees how Zara reacts to noises, dogs and people to work out how to react. If Zara doesn’t like something, Molly goes into high alert.

Molly also spends most of her time wanting to get closer to Zara and make her play, jumping over her. Towards the end of this video you will be privileged to see one of the few times that Molly sits still.  Even though I visited both dogs throughout their stay, Molly never actually trusted me to pat her unless she was very tired and Zara was very nearby.

And of course the trick in getting Molly to sit still? It was healthy dog treat feeding time, and for that she was willing to forgo playing and shadowing Zara.

These two dogs were VERY pleased to be back with their owners once the spotswood quarantine period was up.


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