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Dog Walk adventure 17nov14

harry and tilly dogs

harry and tilly dogsFor several years now I have been entertaining the world via social media blogs such as: but have forgotten to document my daily travels on my own website, doh !  So I figure no time like the present.

I will always submit daily dog walk pictures on my facebook, googleplus and twitter accounts, but I intend on telling a little more of a story about a specific event that occurs, on my own dog treats website at least a few times per week. Why give all the good stuff away for free, and who know how long other sites are going to be in existence?

So here is my first blog post on my own site. Today’s post is introducing you to Harry (on the left) and Tilly. They are both part jack Russell’s and rescue dogs, but Harry is about 12 and part corgi and Tilly is only about 4. They vary massively in social skills and play preferences but they get a massive satisfaction from their off lead walks that I provide to them via my inner west dog walking service company

One of the more amazing things is that their owners have these two unrelated dogs walked with us on the same day, so you will always find a group shot of the two of them together. The walking has literally saved their lives, but that is a story for another time ..I hope you have enjoyed my first blog post for


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