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dog treats online (healthy), coming your way soon

two healthy online dog treat dogs

two healthy online dog treat dogs Cheap Premium dog Treats, read all about it

The weeks drag into months as the simple project of upgrading a website’s technology AND its e-commerce component nears the end.

At one stage (well current site) I was foolish to believe that there would be a big demand for healthy dog treats and build it, they will come.

This of course neglected the fact that most people feed their dogs pellets or canned dog food that is grain based. If that is the main diet, how on earth do I present enough research to convince people that wolves and dogs are still carnivores in the main?

Then I realised there was no point to that. You cant force people with a vested interest in a polar view to accept your view, particularly if you are technically right. No human works that way.

My major dog treat opposition just flog any old brand on their home page, as long as the packaging is bright and cheery.

The main selling point that the leaders have in this industry is cheap postage.  You see I know that my meat based treats are better than all others in Australia, but if the population just want Cheap treats and FREE or almost free postage, then that is what my new site will deliver.

Can Cheap dog teats online be Premium?

I come from a marketing background and there is an easy answer, in people’s perception these two things MUST be mutually exclusive.

Unless you are like some unscrupulous advertisers who have going out of business sales every other week.

I like dogs enough that I became a pro dog walker. I am smart enough (engineering background) that I can read nutrient analysis and reports and know that dogs need meat (still in 2015) !  And since I feed my own dog a raw meat diet, I demand exceptional quality (premium) from the dog treats I give my dog and resell to the public.

I decided not to con the public so I have low margins to ensure people can still buy these treats.

If I wanted to go the way of one of the main market competitors here, I would just double my prices p- then people would get that the product is premium.  Is that necessary?


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