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My healthy dog treats bring all the dogs to the seat

4 dogs on park bench in off lead dogpark

4 dogs on park bench in off lead dogpark There are no apologies for my healthy dog treats. To paraphrase Kelis: ” My healthy dog treats bring all the dogs to the yard, And they’re like. It’s better than yours, Damn right it’s better than yours.”

I pro dog walk dogs for a living, and a lot of people in the park marvel at how I keep a multitude of dogs together off leash. How you keep them under control.


Of course control is an illusion, but a nice one to have when you walk dogs for a living. The reality is that I walk social dogs, who appreciate their time out. They are not trained to within a millimetre of their life, but they do know the consequence of doing something bad, like being overly aggressive in play, not coming back etc.

When you (human owner) have enough presence and body language for the dogs to understand that you are their leader, that you are being serious, they just respect that and do what they need to in the park, until called upon.

That brings us back to the dog photo in this #dogblog, it’s in the style that I almost take daily in the park. For it to happen spontaneously the dogs need to have seen it before and done it before. Though new members of the pack, can take the cue from the other dogs and just jump up. The dogs do it in expectation of reward, but I make sure they sit still for long enough for me to take plenty of spare photos to allow for all the ones where they are moving or having their eyes closed.

For the dogs to jump up there, they have to trust me, ignore other things in the park, and trust each other sitting so close to each other.

On windy or drizzly days it’s a great way for the dog park to get back in focus. Its also a great reminder halfway through a walk who is in charge and who owns the treats. The other dogs that don’t make it on the bench may reconsider jumping up there the next day. Though I will feed them after I have fed the dogs on the bench every day too.

In this case, I only need to feed them the beef liver healthy dog treat by blackdog to get their attention, but I could feed them any of the blackdog range I stock on this site. While beef liver is the universal dog training treat because it is very dense with nutrition and flavour and quick, sometimes you want a treat that will take the dogs longer than a second to devour.

That is why we have a whole range of treats that you can use for dog training, while out in the park for recall or for a general reward. Though if you are serious about your dogs health, you won’t want to add more grain to their diet (like the 80% that is in most dog food), you will use one of the healthy dog treats in Bruce’s range that has 85% meat !

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